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    State Championship Missouri Girls

    Thank you very much that did help me understand it better. As well as 3MJ and Sidewinder so again ty for the response and explanations to my question. Fudge I will add that my lack there of intelligence has better things to do then sit here and let you kiss my ass with the attention needing responses that you give.
  2. Tanya Seeley

    State Championship Missouri Girls

    Ok, I will look past the fact that some are acting like i'm an idiot for asking for the simple fact that it can be over turned in the Olympics and not knowing would be a good reason to ask. Also look past the fact that you are calling my daughter a liar, not knowing a thing about her. If you dont have a answer to the question then don't respond, your personal 2 cents weren't needed. Being an asshat shouldn't be the only reason to respond when I asked a legitimate question. Now this being an open forum you have the right to answer just like I have the right to tell you both ╭∩╮(︶︿︶)╭∩╮. Have a great day
  3. Tanya Seeley

    Major upsets at State?

    She was over by .2 pounds
  4. Tanya Seeley

    State Championship Missouri Girls

    I don't know I don't have my crystal ball handy but ty for your answer. Also would like to thank MSHSAA and MW for all the help this yr. Mickey Seely Awarded 4th for 187 State.
  5. Tanya Seeley

    State Championship Missouri Girls

    Can a pin be challenged and if not then why not? They have the cameras and what not I am asking because I take my daughter's word saying that she was reaching through and was not pinned to place her at 4th for the state.
  6. Tanya Seeley

    Seely Mama

  7. Tanya Seeley

    Seely Mama

    Hello, my name is Tanya Seely I am the mother of Mickey Seely Senior, state qualifier for girls wrestling 2019 from Oak Park High School. She also is the school's record javelin holder and varsity for last 2 yrs now of Lady Oakies softball team. I am overly adoring on her because our family of 5 was displaced 2 yrs ago from our home and we have been forced to live in half a basement because we cant save enough to move when there is 5 of us, disabled mother only father working and 3 kids with an income below the 180% poverty level. Not only does she live through that but she has a couple health conditions that (doc cleared her to wrestle) still make it harder on her then it does those who are healthy. She has all these barriers but still finds it in herself to volunteer to shelters compete in 3 sports and keep her gpa above 3.4 I am an overly proud mama. My husband Buddha and I are also the parents of Joshua 21, Robert 17 and Bellatrix 11. Where from the North Land of KCMO and we have one of the first yrs ever girls wrestling state qualifier as our daughter. NEED TO ADD This is one of the best ran sites for just about anything I have ever come across. I am a betta tester and have seen my fair share of different kinds of websites. This site is well put together the color scheme is good the layout is perfect for long periods of watching not to mention when there is live sports events going on he is more up to date with the information then even many other websites are. The owner also is an amazing person when it comes to having to deal with a site owner, he responds to emails within hrs and is very willing and happy to help those that come to him. I would like to thank him also for being such a great site owner and creator. I will recommend your site to anyone that I can.