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  1. So does proposal 10 include the other aspects of the ad-hoc, like increasing the amount of teams in class 1 and 2 and decreasing in class 3 and 4? Or is it just the public and private aspect.
  2. will proposal 9 affect wrestling at all? Does include the ad-hoc proposal? PROPOSAL 9 - (Sport and Activity Classification) - (PASSED) - 376 FOR, 51 AGAINST Amends By-Law 5.1, District and State Tournament Procedures, to restructure the procedures for sport and activity classification for districts and the state series.
  3. Any camps specific for girls this summer? Tournaments? Any information on Girls Freestyle State?
  4. Districts are out tomorrow, Any last second predictions?
  5. Is it written somewhere how they decide on what classes get filled first?, for example with this prediction it would have 61 in each class except class 4, does it go from the bottom up always? Or is this discretionary depending upon the year? Is it possible that it could be the other way around where it is 60 in class 1 and 61 in all other classes. Have not been able to find this in the handbook.
  6. I do remember seeing that Wright City would be adding this year, If all of this is true will there be any notable shifts?
  7. It seems like I read somewhere they they pushed back the release date of the classifications to November 9 because they were waiting to see if some of the smaller schools were going to have a team? I guess there were were some teams maybe that did not have a team to take to districts? Is there any legitimacy to this? I haven't been able to find it anywhere recently. If that is a factor it could potentially shake things up even more I guess.
  8. Enrollment numbers are out, any predictions on the new classes and districts?
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