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  1. Very nice schedule in a covid messed up year. Hopefully college wrestling can pull it off as a whole and we get a season in! Mizzou depth is insane , I think they could win the MAC with their 2nd team guys
  2. I’m officially sold on this Mocco kid! Not always pretty, not always by large margins, but this kid finds a way to win! Not sure how this season will end for him but he is only a RS freshman and the sky is the limit......keep him on the mat and he will grow
  3. The great coveted Malik only beat bohlken 6-5......sorry to say it boys but not having Malik on roster is no big deal.....he is not committed enough to be a d1 starter, end of story
  4. Is all content and rankings for Missouri Wrestling behind a rokfin paywall now?
  5. We all have one thing in common......we love talkn Mizzou Wrestling! Merry Christmas! Now let’s start talking about South Beach duals!
  6. Attempted one leg attack late vs lee..... otherwise attempted over and over unsuccessfully that what “shoulder pass?” didn’t work first 5 times yet kept doing it
  7. Isn’t wrestlestat great
  8. Upper weights seal the deal! Kent, Wiz, Koelling, and Bohlken bringing the heat
  9. Lswain

    MU at UNI OPEN

    surtin over severado 5-3, these two youngsters seem to be super close in ability will be interesting to watch them progress wish brown woulda finished higher than 3rd but seeing he Lost only by 1 in semi’s then after grinded out a sudden victory win on backside is a great sign of toughness and character every time mocco steps on mat he gain valuable experience, look out harman with huge day! Knocks off big name Keegan Moore in semi’s and then pulls off big sudden victory win for the gold when Diaz steps on the mat good chance he wins, with Elam redshirting this yr tigers f
  10. Lswain

    Cougar Clash

    Malik not even on roster
  11. Lane is awesome person from awesome family, things didn't go as planned at Mizzou but big things ahead for Lane on the mat at Oregon St and in life.....Lane was everything tigerstyle stands for......sorry to see him leave but excited for what's ahead for him
  12. Maryland got a great one! Congrats to Alex! Your coaching, energy, and passion will be missed I'm excited to see who Coach Smith brings into tiger style, he will have big shoes to fill
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