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  1. Some interesting info I heard on a podcast today (it was Matt Manley, I believe): Winter sports hoping for a 0yr like fall sports...meaning this season doesn't count against eligibility...so maybe no need for regular redshirts? Season starting in January most likely...meaning likely only 7-10 duals and no tournaments prior to conference ships Connor Brown will try to get down to 125 Alan Hart plans to go 141 this season, with Schmitt staying at 133 O'Toole could be 157 this season if Jacques redshirts
  2. Leeth could be graduating but still wrestle next season as a post-grad technically, correct?
  3. Lalum


    I believe they're ranked #4.
  4. Lalum

    Dylan Wisman?

    It looked to me like Punke might have hurt/injured himself at the end of the dual Thursday. Didn't look major, but I'm not surprised he gave him the weekend off. With that said, it seems pretty obvious Valdiviez will be getting some opportunities at the weight in the near future.
  5. Lalum

    Dylan Wisman?

    I would be surprised if that happened. It was close and I'm pretty sure they wrestle in the room all the time. With Kent being a RS Frosh and Flynn being a Senior (I think), I'm not sure it would make sense at this point.
  6. I thought he finished runner-up one year...was it to Barker? My memory isn't great, but I'm almost sure he was a finalist.
  7. The only ones I saw were: Rance Waigland (sp?) Xavier Doolin Ethan Miller K Miller ...just off memory. There were probably more, but I didn't see them if so.
  8. I have no problem with kids learning the sport at that age if that's what they really want to do. Actual tournament competition is another story.
  9. Parents pushing their kids "too hard" is an issue throughout all sports, including wrestling. I'm not sure there's a "one-size-fits-all" rule as to when you should start your child. Knowing what's best for your individual child is a parent's job. Some parents lose sight of what's best for the child and delve into more self-serving methods. At the same time, there are young prodigies who may benefit from the competition that comes with wrestling at Tulsa Nationals at 10 or 11 years old. I'm not sure where you could definitively draw a line. I certainly don't agree that no kid should start
  10. Thanks for this info. Looks like it will be a heck of a dual. I wish we all knew about the lineup sooner.
  11. I haven't seen anything about this yet, so just sharing results I saw on twitter. My apologies if there is already a thread on this: 113: Loehr (Mt. Zion - State 2nd pl) TF Lovelace (Francis Howell - State 3rd pl) 120: Carson (Lafayette - State 3rd pl) WBF ??????? (Illinois) 126: Patton (Pacific - State 3rd pl) WBF Sims (Alton) 132: Carson (Lafayette - State 2nd pl) WBF Evans (Edwardsville) 138: Kloeppel (Parkway South - State 2nd pl) WBF Peters (Quincy) 145: Kristoff (Altoff - State 1st pl) WBF Condera (Timberland - State 3rd pl) 152: Frankowski (Rockwood
  12. They just dualed DeSmet last night.
  13. Last I heard/saw (last night), the tournament is still on.
  14. Agreed, but both are true frosh who I believe will improve in that and other areas as they mature. Hopefully this is more of a glass ceiling than a wall.
  15. I wonder how often you see a D1 team with 3 weights in a row being wrestlers from the same HS (same kids club too, for that matter). Pretty cool.
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