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  1. We are currently up to 53 teams and are looking to get that number to 64. I have attached the flyer below which should answer most of the questions about the event. Two days next year with a woman's college dual Friday night after wrestling is over. 2nd Annual.docx
  2. 45 match rule is stupid. Keep it at 50. 6 matches a day and go from 45 min. rule to 30 min. rule. Give us our tournament day back also. Kids want to wrestle.
  3. Bruce Harris McCluer North I believe 87' 2nd, 88' 1st, 89' 1st. Use to come in the room and beat up on me when I was in high school. He was a monster from what i heard. Those were also the years North won team titles.
  4. I heard Sunday when the boys brackets come out.
  5. According to the rules you cannot go straight over the top. Nice toss but technically illegal in Missouri.
  6. It happens to us all. I always forget to carry the 1 haha
  7. 3 girls per weight per district (4), times 12 weights equals 144 girl qualifiers. 144/524=27.5% of girls qualify for state. Class 1: 4 from each weight, 4 districts , 4x14=224 qualifiers in class 1. 224/518=43.2% You took the amount from one class 1 district not all 4.
  8. I do not have the math in front of me but what i was told is the % of girls is far less than the boys. I also heard there are more girls in the girls districts then there are in the boys Class 1 and 2 districts. I am not sure if that is true or not.
  9. The 2020 Wonder Woman will be on January 3 and 4th...More details to come. please contact Mike Wakim at mwakim@cpsk12.org if you are interested in getting your team in.
  10. We are looking to expand this tournament for next year. We had 197 girls compete this year and would like to get that number to 300-350. We will be a two day event next year and look to work with hotels to get the best pricing for teams. If we need to and team cannot afford hotels I am working with the district to have space in the building available for teams to camp out in the school. With Iowa, Kansas, and Illinois adding girls wrestling I hope to pull some teams from those states. We are going bigger and better next year do not miss out!
  11. http://www.trackwrestling.com/tw/predefinedtournaments/MainFrame.jsp?newSession=false&TIM=1546879736697&pageName= It was a great day with great wrestling! We promise to make it bigger and better next year! Thank you to all the teams that maybe the trip.
  12. 23 ranked wrestlers #2,6,8 teams in the state...But that is none of my business.
  13. Over 30 teams and more that 200 girls registered for The Wonder Woman!
  14. Final team list for The Wonder Woman...going to be THE event for girls in MO and beyond! 1. Battle 2. Fayetteville HS (Arkansas) 3. Mehlville 4. Hickman 5. Smith-Cotton 6. Waynesville 7. Northwest 8. Osage 9. Marceline 10. Fatima 11. St. Charles 12. Tipton 13. Timberland 14. Rock Bridge 15. Francis Howell 16. Washington 17. Palmyra 18. Fort Zumwalt South 19. Brentwood 20. Holt 21. Marshfield 22. Willard 23. Ful
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