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  1. nnjljs

    Park hill takes state?

    That 170 estimation is close to mine.
  2. nnjljs

    Park hill takes state?

    I Like Parkhill chances at winning state, BUT walking away with it, they will not. Liberty, CBC and Staley or battled tested and primed to win also. This will be a tight 4 team race. Super exciting and great for the state. IMO
  3. nnjljs

    State brackets

    Good work! Love it
  4. nnjljs

    State Matchups

    That's gonna be a great Match. Lenox is tough.
  5. nnjljs

    State Matchups

    Is Dolt hurt?
  6. nnjljs

    Any District surprises

    Can't be the best in the world without challenges. Proud of him, while being a worried mess at the sametime.
  7. nnjljs

    MSHSAA Districts

    Sorry man.... Not good for the hard working fans that support our sport. Hopefully you guys get that fixed.
  8. nnjljs

    Schedule for Districts?

    I have a meetings after 5pm. Hopefully we get out before 7pm! I heard the last time it was at Sluh it didn't end until after 9pm.
  9. In class 1,2,3 & 4?
  10. nnjljs

    CBC @ Whitfield 2/1

    Anyway I can watch the dual?
  11. nnjljs

    Staley downs CBC

    Cbc took second at Oak park and granite city with several ppl missing in the line up and wrestling out of place. State will be a very exciting race. I'm predicting it will be a very tight race btw 3 or more teams. Liberty. Parkhill. Cbc Staley, seckman its gonna be pretty awesome I think.
  12. And 195 And or 195 ... Hopefully we will have a healthy lineup before districts and state. Long season some kids banged up
  13. Staley beat CBC I think CBC had 23 points and Staley had upper 30s
  14. Didn't know... Lol Should of tap me. My little one was all over me. Staley well coach team with good kids.
  15. 5pm Confirmed Staley vs Jeff city Cbc vs Jeff city Cbc vs. Staley