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  1. District 7 results for 10u 65?
  2. nnjljs


    Yes your correct... but the brackets where 128... Missouri wrestled it AZZ OFF!!! our kids freaking battled! We could of had 2 or more kids that could of made the finals the matches where that close. For example Crawford and Henson IMO could of been finalist! Henson and Miller in the 126 finals. Parkhill vs CBC baby. That would of been awesome if Henson could of hung on to his lead in the final secs.
  3. They work so hard and sacrisfice so much. Great kids not just wrestlers. Definately bright futures in wrestling and beyond
  4. Josh, Zerban and Henson where all in different brackets. Joshua 65 kg - U23s FT & GC 3rd/4th Zerban 65 kg - Cadet FT & GC 3rd/3rd Henson 60kg - Cadets FT - Battled hard lost to Fargo Champ by point.
  5. Josh 50% Czech & Russian he chose CBC over Blair and Wy Sem. Theres a chance.
  6. For double AA in Akron! People asked, Vinny answered! Good work Kid!
  7. It was awesome Josh and Jayden helping each other scout there opponents. Wish Josh could of held up against Pletcher in the semis could of had an all Missour final btw Josh and Jayden MIZZOU team treated us like teammates! The support for Joshua by MIZZOU team was awesome.
  8. Fyi - Joshua wrestled at 138 lbs at boarder braw not 152. 138+7 Thanks
  9. How does one get on this board? Or be apart of this governing body
  10. People who know nothing about wrestling making dumb rules hurting kids. We should be making rules that help our state and kids compete nationally/internationally successfully
  11. One of the most exciting in Missouri history? 4 teams going back n fourth, lead changes, big wins from every team The energy, excitement and the Heart those kids displayed on the mat was just Awesome to see!
  12. That 170 estimation is close to mine.
  13. I Like Parkhill chances at winning state, BUT walking away with it, they will not. Liberty, CBC and Staley or battled tested and primed to win also. This will be a tight 4 team race. Super exciting and great for the state. IMO
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