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  1. 165-285 Thoughts: O'Toole wrestled with a lot of poise and dominated. Good to see. Mocco was really impressive. Mantanona is a huge pinner and big move savant and Mocco outwrestled him thoroughly. Kent looked outstanding. That is the Kent we saw earlier in the season before he missed time. Rocky... He is so talented. I do not understand at all why he was not shooting more here. He is excellent when he pushes the pace. No urgency. Zach Elam looked really good. Metz is a big move guy and that was really fundamental and tactically sound wrestling. Excited for tonight. Missouri put up a lot of bon
  2. Initial thoughts: Surtin wrestled okay, hopefully he can come back and win a couple on the backside. Schmitt looked solid and consistent, Hart wrestled pretty well until the last twenty seconds. If you want a team trophy you cannot just hand away majors like that. Mauller looked awesome. Wrestled great. Jacques has a long road back. Incredibly frustrating loss against a guy he has beaten twice. Need him to do some work on the backside. Excited for the second half of round 1. Hopefully Missouri comes out with some fire and get some big wins.
  3. Chances of a shutout are pretty good. 157 and 285 are the only weights where SIUE has a solid chance and I would favor the two Mizzou wrestlers in those bouts. Should be fun to see how much bonus the Tigers put up and if they can secure big wins in some of the tighter bouts that have implications on MAC and NCAA tournament seeding.
  4. I can comfortably say that both wrestling duals will be streamed on ESPN3 this Saturday, as I am one of the camera operators for the broadcast. Should be a fun time with some really good match-ups.
  5. Should be a really fun dual today. Missouri usually performs really well against Oklahoma State and this dual seems to be really important to Brian Smith. Some predictions... 125 Pich Tech 0-5 133 Hart Dec 3-5 141 Hone Dec 3-8 149 Mauller Dec over Lewallen 7-6, 6-8 157 Jacques Dec 9-8 165 Wittlake Dec 9-11 174 Kent Dec 12-11.... Would be a huge win for Kent and Smith has not be outstanding this season and looks a bit burnt out. 184 Wisman Dec 15-11 197 Geer Dec 15-14 285 Harris Dec. 15-17.
  6. Shoop is leading the NCAA in tech falls. He is just that good on top. Good win for Eierman.
  7. Punke has #22 Verner, Wyoming Erneste has #24 Fehlman, Lock Haven Eierman has #12 Kelly, Ohio Mauller has #20 Thorn, Minnesota Jacques has Smythe, Buffalo (Jacques has beaten him twice this season, most recently 10-3 at MACs.) Flynn has #2 Joseph, Penn State Lewis has #15 Christiansen, Wisconsin Wisman has #30 Ducharme, Cal Bakersfield Elam has #4 Wood, Lehigh
  8. I think we see one of Leeth or Mauller at 141 next season, but imagine that they will wrestle off for 149. Nice luxury to have two AA caliber guys at one weight.
  9. I understand the urge to defend your guys and I do not fault you there. Some people will always favor the big class champs, regardless of their "offseason accolades". I'd also say that anyone sleeping on Travis has just not watched him wrestle. He is extremely fluid and scrambles really well. Those skills typically translate really well to success, especially in Folkstyle. The field in Class 4 is deeper, but star talents are often littered throughout every class. Props to Travis, it was an impressive win over a very good Fargo placer in Miller. Ryan Mango, Jaydin Eierman, Mauller, Jacques, Bak
  10. @Wrestling2018 Eierman is a great coach, as are Keck, Lewis, Purler and others around the state. Travis is a ton of fun to watch wrestle, as are Miller and Zerban. All three certainly have the goods to be excellent D1 wrestlers in a few years. The talent level in Missouri is rising and it is a wonderful thing to watch Mizzou and other schools enjoy that upswing. I understand your faith in your guys and coaching, but give credit to others where it is due. Props to Mauller, Eierman and Jacques they are all a blast to watch and are undoubtedly studs and likely multi AA's. The Eierman elite influe
  11. Unsure about Geer's bid, but counted the qualifiers to this point in the FLO qualifier hub and they had 28 already qualified at 197.
  12. There are only five bids left at 197. Koelling has a shot, but it will be really close.
  13. Yep I have the privilege of working one of the handheld cams matside. It should be an electric atmosphere. I hope I can tear down equipment fast and make some of the state finals after.
  14. I am writing a second article that is more analysis based for Class 4. Should be out sometime tomorrow.
  15. This is great news for Mizzou. Should make for more qualifiers. at each weight class. Lock Haven, Rider and Clarion have been improving in recent years.
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