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  1. Just wanted to note (for those following state championship results) that Mizzou's recruit from Michigan is actually named Josh Edmond instead of Edmunds. However, Chase Daniel(s) had a pretty good career at Mizzou, so maybe we should keep the 's'.
  2. Shockingly, Eierman at Iowa does the same things he did at Mizzou. How many guys does he beat the first time, then they figure him out. Stieber, Yanni, McKenna, and now Lee. But tbh, I don’t want Eierman to have success at Iowa. If it works out great for him, who transfers next?
  3. Looks like Ethen Miller took 2nd at Iron Man. His brother didn’t place.
  4. XiXiTiger

    Cougar Clash

    A notable recent example was Eierman getting the nod over Manley. Manley was actually a pretty high seed at NCAAs the year before (had the ACL injury though). Eierman replaced him (after struggling to make weight at 133), and Manley only made spot starts the rest of his RSSR year.
  5. Looks like Winston announced on Twitter that he committed to UNC. No interest from Mizzou or just thinking the grass is greener? Hate seeing talented Missouri kids go elsewhere, though a bunch of them end up at Mizzou anyway.
  6. Dow actually beat Mocco earlier in the year 11-10. Good to see Mocco get some redemption.
  7. The Flo guys mentioned on FRL that Myers was out for the season, but joked that they couldn't talk about the reason for fear of a lawsuit. I don't think they said he was done forever at Mizzou, but based on their conversation I wouldn't be surprised.
  8. I'd agree with this assessment, though I thought I'd add a bit of color. McGhee has actually beaten Piccininni before, but it was two years ago when Picc was a true freshman. He doesn't look to have a chance now but usually keeps it close. Erneste beat Brock at KC Stampede as a senior in HS, if that counts! He actually beat him up pretty good (12-6), so hopefully he can return to that form. Don't have much to say about the Heil/Eierman match except that their match at NCAAs was very close with a couple tense scrambles. Heil didn't want it to last any longer as he looked out
  9. Someone posted on another site that it was Askren's senior year, 2007.
  10. Don't see Flynn, Wisman or Lewis. Hope they're ok......
  11. Is he still at Mizzou?
  12. Oops, my bad. Thought I saw a replay of the SIUE dual on Mizzou Network, but it was UNI.
  13. The FLO guys like the bowl series idea (probably has more revenue potential than one event), and essentially gave Cael a free pass for blowing up the National Duals tournament. Somehow his refusal to participate in that tournament was totally different than other coaches not getting behind the current format. IMO many of the coaches never liked the bowl series idea and only agreed to give it a shot. Now the only dual that truly matters is between #1 and #2, and who fills those spots could be subject to heated debate in some years. In the tourney format everyone had a shot, so of course
  14. Edit - oops, I misread your post lashotgun, disregard below....... I think they project Lee at 141 (PSU has Suriano at 125 for a while). He beat Waters at 61 kg last year.
  15. While the call was questionable, you absolutely see calls like it at NCAAs. In fact, questionable stall calls cost Mayes his quarters match against Collica last year. Hate to see it called right at the end though. Mayes also had several deep shots on Bleise. Would have liked to see more, but Bleise spent quite a bit of time on his knees. Tough for a guy like Mayes who likes outside shots to score.
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