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  1. Gem City Will

    Gem City Scramble 2020

    Diamond High School will be hosting its Gem City Girls Scramble January 13, 2020. Weigh Ins will be at 4 pm with wrestling starting at 5 pm. The goal is to get the girls as many matches as possible. Last year's tournament had one state champion, and several state placers take part. Entry fee is $10 per wrestler up to $150. For more information or to commit to the event contact Bill Gray, bgray@diamondwildcats.org.
  2. Gem City Will

    Gem City Scramble

    All three ranked girls won all of their matches. Great event 40 girls, newspaper and tv coverage. Good stuff, looking to get bigger next year.
  3. Gem City Will

    Gem City Scramble

    Gem City Scramble is small but will feature three ranked girls from Southwest Missouri. Lizzie Miller, #1 at 116, Lotus Van Dyk, #3 at 136, and Gracie Lawhon, #3 at 152. Should be fun.
  4. Gem City Will

    Girls Wrestling Support

    Diamond is hosting a girls scramble/tournament January 14, 6 pm. Currently have eight schools and 25 girls attending. The more the merrier!
  5. Gem City Will

    Battle of Lexington? Marshall? ??

    Thanks, is that all you know
  6. Gem City Will

    Battle of Lexington? Marshall? ??

    Has anyone heard information about what used to be the Battle of Lexington? Know it's supposed to move to Marshall but that is all I have heard.
  7. Gem City Will

    Need a team or two

    Diamond High School is hosting a dual and needs at least one more team will take two for a tri/quad December 19, 2017. Southeast High School from Kansas is already attending. Please contact me if you are interested.
  8. Gem City Will

    State Champs by District

    Who are you going to kick from district one? Where you going to put them?
  9. Gem City Will

    Toughest District ?

    It is also shown in team rankings D3 has four teams, D2 and D4 with two teams and D1 with 1.
  10. Gem City Will

    Dom Nobile from Richmond, 150 Wins

    Get to see him in action this weekend.
  11. Gem City Will

    Seneca tournament

    Coming off the first team victory at the Platte County Tournament in 12 years Seneca will be hosting it 54th People's Bank of Seneca Wrestling Tournament. Four teams from Arkansas and the likes of Richmond, Versailles, Clinton, Blair Oaks, O'Hara, Diamond and Jeff City (JV) will join Seneca for two great days of wrestling. Who else is hosting action this weekend?
  12. Gem City Will

    Any good tournaments this weekend?

    Where's the action at this weekend?
  13. Gem City Will

    Good article about a good kid

  14. Gem City Will

    Buffalo Coaches after Kinloch Classic Team Championship

    I agree completely. He set them up for a great run, plus moving down to 1A may even extend it.
  15. Gem City Will

    Buffalo Coaches after Kinloch Classic Team Championship

    They have a good thing going