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  1. I know these stats are a bit misleading this year in particular. Many factors have caused kids to not complete the state series, Easter weekend being state, nationals being on the same day, corn cob being the weekend of districts, etc. This season I am not sure these numbers really bear any fruit.
  2. All the more reason to not constrict weight classes or change much on the school size classes. With numbers going down, the more “inclusive” you make the sport the better. Will that water down competition? Of course, but if people are serious about growing the sport then you have to look at what it takes to get them there, not ways to make them turn away.
  3. I would be on board with every one of those. I would change the forfeit points higher. When talking about big school conference championships etc, you should make taking a forfeit almost be the kiss of death. 10 points. To continue to grow the sport I would add 2 more. 1) Allow 8th graders to compete varsity if they meet certain criteria set forth by MSHSAA. IE, extended wrestling history of competing at a high level. There are other states doing this already and we should not be behind but in front. 2) the one everyone hates but true. Add a weight class. Probably 98, hench 8th
  4. I can’t believe you’re going to call Brock Mauller a “project”? The guy is ranked nationally inside the top 10 and has not lost to anyone in the state folkstyle or freestyle in almost 3 years. Last year he beat the class 4 champion that is now in division 1. If that’s you’re idea of a project then you’re expectations are way to high and you need to get more realistic.
  5. 125- Johnson 133- Fusco 141- Eierman 149- Mauller 157- Jacques
  6. People are always pointing out and complaining about the dropping participation numbers for wrestling but then turn around and want to do everything to Chase new wrestlers from the sport. Condensing the classes and removing weights will do nothing except discourage participation. In my opinion we should be doing the opposite, more weight classes. We should be looking at bringing back 98, adding a 245 or 50. Personally, if you’re hung up on competitiveness at the state tournament then you are looking at the wrong thing. You want to see your kid wrestle the best then go to national tourname
  7. I hope not, in fact I would like to see more added. The addition of bringing back 98 and some sort of a catch weight around 245 would be awesome. I know a lot of people will poo poo on the idea because schools already can’t fill full squads. I think following the lead of Minnesota and others and allow 8th graders to compete helps solve that issue. 98 also allows another weight class that girls could come in and be competitive at with boys.
  8. Another thing that would help to increase the likelihood of programs filling a complete, or closer to complete, team would be to follow a few other states and allow 8th graders to wrestle high school. I know Kentucky and Minnesota are two for sure that do but I believe there are others.
  9. I believe this was just a one time lineup change for Mexico. Dylan Patton has been at 132 all season. He is currently ranked #1 in the weight by this website. Unless he has permanently bumped up to 138 he is the guy at 132 in class 2 district 2 and 2nd place is not even close.
  10. Rascka projects at 184 and will be in the hunt to start as a true freshmen
  11. I agree with Patriotfan. In fact I would go farther by saying we need to add 2 more weight classes. I think we need to look at bringing back 98 lbs and something in between heavy and 220. I would also like to see just 3 classes to make a more competitive field.
  12. A true individual state championship sounds awesome but reality of it not so much. Many times these kids have and do wrestle each other outside of high school competition and that is where it should stay. A dual team championship is a great idea and hopefully in the future they can make it happen. But due to injury potential, do it after individual state.
  13. I do. Something gives me the feeling Oklahoma State is wanting to make a statement.
  14. Mizzou wins at 57, 65 and 97. The end
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