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  1. Great showing for the Tigers at Juniors and U23s. I found a couple weight classes that our guys went interesting: - Connor Brown went 57kg. You've got to think this means he's going 125 for the college season, why else cut down that much. - O'Toole went 70kg. This means he's not bulking up for 165 and likely going 157. Does he beat Jacques out for that spot? I think that between O'Toole and Jacques, whoever doesn't end up going 157 will claim the 165 spot. Jacques seems like he could be a good sized 165 as well. I just have a hard time believing a recruit as good as O'Toole wi
  2. Sad to see Leeth go, but congrats to him on a great wrestling career. With that in mind, along with this year basically being a freebie in terms of eligibility (no need to redshirt), what does our lineup look like? I'm guessing: 125- Connor Brown/ Cam Valdiviez 133- Connor Brown/ Matt Schmitt 141- Matt Schmitt/ Allan Hart/ Josh Edmond (is Edmond at the level to challenge at this point in time?) 149- Brock Mauller 157- Jarrett Jacques 165- Keegan O'Toole/ Peyton Mocco 174- Jeremiah Kent 184- Canten Marriott 197- Wyatt Koelling/ Rocky Elam
  3. I know in the past there had been plans for Joey Lavallee to drop to 149. Judging by the fact he went 74kg at University's, it looks like he's not cutting weight, and I'm guessing he'll stick to 157 then. Can anyone confirm? If Leeth is healthy, I'd be excited to see him at 149
  4. My thoughts exactly. The biggest thing I took away from Manley planning to drop to 133 was that Leeth was either getting the upper hand in the room before his injury or the coaches are super confident that Leeth will be the better option going forward. I personally expected Leeth to start or at least compete for the starting spot at 141 this past season, before he had surgery. I didn't expect Manley to do as well as he did last season, so I'm pretty excited to see what Leeth can do when he's healthy.
  5. Most people come to this thread for general information about Mizzou recruiting news. No one cares to hear about personal information or disputes that aren't relevant to the wrestlers themselves, so please keep your personal attacks to yourselves or start your own thread dedicated to it
  6. Any info on Grant Leeth? I was hoping that with Mayes going 149 we might see him at 141 this season
  7. northco, where did you hear about Ian Paddock transferring to Mizzou?? As soon as I saw your post I tried researching but couldn't find anything. If this is true that would be great news for Mizzou
  8. I know it's not the plan but I would much, much, much rather see Cox at 197. He's so quick and agile, and those skills are not going to get as much benefit in the HVY weightclass where guys tend to slow things down
  9. Off the top of my head Houdashelt got a tough draw with his first round against Alton, Porter got a tough draw with Matt Brown in the first round, and Dom had a great draw with Gelogaev, Nelson, Telford, and Trice on the other side Here's the link to the full brackets: http://i.turner.ncaa.com/dr/ncaa/ncaa/release/sites/default/files/files/DI-Wrestling-Brackets-2013-WR.pdf
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