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  1. I think Ethan and Kal Miller are both Maryland commits.
  2. Devin Winston entered the transfer portal.
  3. Rocky and O'toole having a great day!
  4. What a horrible session! Dang!
  5. I gotta admit. I wasn't feeling really good going into the 3rd period in Mocco's match. Great finish!
  6. Surtin had it won for the 2nd time in 2 days and lost it. Schmitt didn't hardly take a shot.
  7. Jacques showing how to wrestle with a lead in the 3rd! Nice! Tigers need to take notes.
  8. Here comes the snowball of disappointment. Damn, we ain't ready today.
  9. Too bad Rocky lost. #2 Schultz gets pinned in the 1st round on his side of the bracket.
  10. Ditto on Rocky. No urgency.
  11. I was surprised that Jacques didn't push the pace since the other guy got a stall call early. He didn't seem to want to wrestle.
  12. Surtin up 6-0 going into the 3rd. I told my wife, "McKee has him right where he wants him". Lol. As a team we do some pretty bad things with a big lead.
  13. How'd u find that out? That's good info.
  14. I believe that Severado has already been wrestling there. I saw his name on a bracket about a month ago.
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