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  1. I can't it on youtube. Wtf!
  2. Streaming live on YouTube.
  3. I see on the Wrestlestat, it is Kent at 174 and Bohlken at heavy. So is Flynn the backup now and Meyers not wrestling? I saw Meyers wrestle at Lindenwood so I thought he was back.
  4. Periodically, people will post here looking for a particular weight/weights for dual teams.
  5. flanders

    Cougar Clash

    I thought he was still a student at Mizzou though.
  6. flanders

    Cougar Clash

    Considering what Mizzou has going on at 65 currently, I think Flynn is the best option there and Kent is the best option at 74. Side note: I heard a rumor that Malik is going to enter the transfer portal and Fusco is transferring to a school in California.
  7. flanders

    Cougar Clash

    I went back to Mizzou's press release and now they have Wyatt and Jack Flynn listed at 197lb.
  8. flanders

    Cougar Clash

    I'm not sure. Missouri Wrestling wrote a preview and included him in their lineup. Maybe Mizzou's press release omitted him accidentally?
  9. flanders

    Cougar Clash

    It looks like Mizzou is sending the full starting squad minus 197.
  10. flanders

    Cougar Clash

    Case in point, when Mizzou released their schedule, all of the times were TBD. At the same time they were pushing season tickets. I don't know about most people but I can't commit to future events without knowing the times.
  11. flanders

    Cougar Clash

    I think West Point only got beat by 1 or 2 when they met Wisconsin earlier this year. Pretty tough team.
  12. flanders

    Cougar Clash

    Here's a list of the teams according to track.
  13. I get what you're saying. I'd just rather have wrestlers that want to be at Mizzou. Again, Mizzou wasn't on his list. I think he's already changed his commitment twice too.
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