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  1. They are a young team but most of them that wrestled last year look worse this year.
  2. I didn't expect Punke to win, but his loss was ugly - started bottom in the second, broken flat, turned, pinned - credit Hilderbrandt who is #10 over at intermatwrestle - but still According to wrestlestat, the last time they wrestled, Punke lost 4-2 in o.t. A much different outcome this time.
  3. I'm not sure why they made him cut to 165 and not start him?
  4. I think so but they're definitely wrestling down to their competition. Underwhelming performance tonight. But a win is a win!
  5. Simon is putting on a clinic for Leeth.
  6. He forgot to pack his neck brace!
  7. flanders

    Malik Johnson

    Yeah, so in his case a semester.
  8. flanders

    Malik Johnson

    I didn't know thst Winston is going to SIUE. The problem that I have with the redshirt is a guy can be on your roster for a year on a redshirt and then transfer out (ex Winston and Malik).
  9. flanders

    Malik Johnson

    Agreed. That's why I'm not a big fan of the redshirt nowadays.
  10. After seeing 165 and 174, I think we gotta get Flynn back in the lineup.
  11. Except on the receiving end
  12. I never thought that I'd miss the Barlow McGee era.
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