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  1. hahaha wow, ok I wasn't taking anything away from Coach Jeffries. I was just stating the fact that they got beat the final year in the NCMC. Hannibal actually has a strong wrestling tradition, Yeah Helias has had incredible results, im not taking anything away from them other than the fact that they got beat fair and square. No actually it wasn't like the Olympics for Hannibal, as a matter of fact for me it wasn't a big deal because during my time at Hannibal I never lost to a crusader and they never finished above us in the team standings at state that I can recollect, but I had knee surgery
  2. I just want to touch on this a bit, The streak didn't end at 166 because Helias left the NCMC, the streak ended at 166 because Hannibal High School beat them the year they left.
  3. start rolling in those participation trophies
  4. Hey Michael, would you be interested in wrestling in college?

  5. Who will be at the Cameron duals?
  6. Hannibal-LaGrange University Jacob Manion- Warrenton Austin Hawes- Hannibal
  7. i don't think id call Vanlue over benson an upset
  8. 2 years ago Austin Hawes from Hannibal beat Pennington, they are now wrestling in the first round at state. Lets get some talk going on some potential upsets.
  9. lashotgun it looks to me like the biggest concern to you is injuries and athletes having too many matches. Why wouldn't we just knock of the first weekend of the season, move it back a weekend and add a weekend to the end of the season after state and make it a dual team state. I cant remember any mega tournaments being in the first week of the season (correct me if im wrong) therefor taking a big chunk of money from any certain school wont be a problem.
  10. http://www.stubhub.com/ncaa-wrestling-championship-tickets-2016-ncaa-wrestling-championships-3-17-2016/event/9274553/
  11. im sorry that's with Barlow and Synon getting decisions.. not majors, But majors would be nice haha
  12. I see us losing 21-17, that's with Barlow and Synon getting majors, which I think could easily happen. If we can get an upset out of Barnes, butler, or manley I see us taking it 20-18
  13. gotcha I knew he had won at different weights every year, I just could not remember if it was 171 189 220 285 or if it was 171 215 220 285. thanks!
  14. I think he was the 189lb state champ his sophomore year, unless they changed the weights that year.
  15. did you also look at the individual matches inside those duals greenberet? they may have been missing a couple of key starters. I don't know if they were or not, but things aren't always as they seem.
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