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  1. Dang, I was hoping to see Elam and Penner in the lineup. It might have been close with them but I see this one as a blowout for KS.
  2. Below is the KS lineup according to their website. Anyone have an idea of what the MO lineup looks like? 113- Tyler Johnson 120- Caden Howard 126- Keegan Slyter 126- Zach Keal 132- Preston Martin 132- Dallas Koelzer 138- Austin Keal 145- Brandon Madden 152- Anthony Signs 160- Gavin Brown 170- Seth Nitzel 182- Jackson McCall 195- Gavin Carter 220- Cade Lautt 285- Evan Dean
  3. Kansas has some nationally ranked guys to choose from so hopefully Missouri’s nationally ranked guys have agreed to participate. Anyone know what the lineup looks like?
  4. The event is March 10. What is the projected MO lineup?
  5. Hilger is tough, Elam is going to have to bring it.
  6. Gutsy win by Elam over Jennings. Had me screaming at work with that takedown.
  7. Do they not post the full college season results on Trackwrestling anymore? I am trying to see who Tariq Wilson has lost to to see how Erneste matches up.
  8. Is there somewhere with a complete list of wrestlers for this event? I checked the other links and couldn't find one.
  9. Wow! And have employers knocking down his door when he graduates.
  10. What happened with Emalie Olson? I saw she forfeited the championship?
  11. He gassed really bad. He has to step it up because he now has Terao in the next match.
  12. Even winning doesn't guarantee keeping programs alive. Ask Nebraska-Omaha. Even after winning national championships the wrestling program still got cut.
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