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  1. Boonville, Brookfield, Knob Noster, Higginsville, Lawson, Marceline, South Harrison, Tipton, Trenton, Wentworth, Carrollton, Lexington
  2. Lexington R-V School District has an opening for the Head Wrestling Coach position. To apply send a letter of interest along with a resume to the following: Brad MacLaughlin, Superintendent, 2323A High School Drive, Lexington, Mo. 64067. EOE
  3. Coach Hayes, retired Head Wrestling Coach at Lexington, has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. He has been given a couple of weeks to live. Please keep him and his family in your thoughts and prayers. Coach Hayes is a positive influence within the Lexington and wrestling communities. I know he made a difference in my life. His son Scott is collecting stories, sentiments, memories to read to him as they celebrate Thanksgiving this week-end. If you have something you would like to send, please e-mail it to shayesfish@gmail.com. May the Lord be with him and his family during this diff
  4. The State Tournament will be in St Louis. I guess they couldn't book Hearns. It will be held at St. Louis Chaifetz Arena.
  5. See the results below from the Show Me Games: 15-17 - Bracket B 1 Josiah Kline, Columbia 2 Quinten Lewis, Carrolton (2012 1A State Champ 106lb) 3 Carlos Gonzales, Trenton (2012 1A 4th place finisher) 4 Hunter Brazil, St. Charles Kline might be worth keeping an eye on. He beat Lewis 11-0 and pinned Gonzales.
  6. also, Greg Hegarty, Blue Springs, Mo. Congratulations!!
  7. Zach Benner Josh Mclure Jordan Jones William Tindal Just a few I have seen. Fulton looks to be getting 3-4 quality freshman.
  8. Zach Benner Josh Mclure Jordan Jones William Tindal Just a few I have seen. Fulton looks to be getting 3-4 quality freshman.
  9. I will start it off with the following (Class 1): Josiah Kline Dakota Miller Frankie Falotico I look forward to following their high school wrestling careers.
  10. Nothing new started on the boards so I will ask the question, which incoming freshman will make some noise in class 1 this upcoming season? I saw a lot of talent at the USA Kids State tournament.
  11. In my opinion, it's the head coaches responsibility to build the program. It doesn't mean he has to do all the work but certainly have the framework in place to build a successful program. It may include working with parents and volunteer coaches to get a good youth program in place and getting a middle school program in place. If the process doesn't start involving wrestlers at a young age, then it will be hard to fill those varsity and JV spots in high school. Also, with all the mat time youth wrestlers get today, it's hard to play catch up in high school.
  12. I'm not sure what you mean by the above. If you mean is there a State series sponsored by MSHSAA for the middle school level, then no. Middle school wrestling is regulated by MSHSAA in regards to rules and eligibility. Schools can set-up duals and tournaments with other schools with middle school programs. It would follow the same line as setting up middle school football or basketball games.
  13. There are several schools that have a middle school program. Most of the MRVC schools have a program. It's true you can't participate in youth wrestling while participating in the middle school program but the middle school programs end early enough in the season so the kids can get several youth tournaments in prior to the State Series.
  14. I did see several EE parents helping out at the Boonville tournament and the District 3 tournament.
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