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  1. Has this banquet occurred? Just wondering how the awards went. I checked online and it still has 2016 information.
  2. In my opinion the referee lost control of the match. The match should have been stopped and the top guy called for Unnecessary Roughness at the 1:22 mark for pounding the face of the bottom wrestler in the mat. At the 1:37 mark the top guy throws a punch disguised as a cross face. It could have been called Flagrant Misconduct at that point. At the very least the match should have been stopped and the top wrestler warned. In my opinion the top wrestler should definitely be disqualified for throwing punches. Can't tell from the video what if anything the bottom guy did. If he bit the top
  3. I haven't read anything on here proposing to deny opportunity based on body parts. The arguments, which are valid imo, are being based on participation numbers and really lack of participation. Girls are not being denied the opportunity because they have the opportunity to participate now in high school wrestling. The tactic of labeling something as sexist or racist in our society to get a desired result is becoming all to prevalent. Instead of making a case based on facts, let's put a label on it and try to bully others into getting our way.
  4. Lexington: Shane Williams
  5. Not that it matters much, Hollingsworth has beat O'Connor the last two times they have wrestled. (Plattsburg dual and the Brookfield Tourney). It could change the next time they wrestle.
  6. I think your comparison is apples to oranges. The average dual even with a quad or Tri will last about 3 hours or less. That would compare better with the average football game, basketball game or soccer game or baseball game. Now I have attended some mega baseball/soccer/basketball tournaments that have competed over two or more days. Maybe should compare games to duals and tournaments to tournaments, I agree that the dual setting would be a better fit for the "common fan" who wants to watch wrestling but not spend a weekend. There is that option but there is also an option for the "
  7. This is the 50th MRVC Wrestling Tournament. Wonder how many state champions have come out of the MRVC in 50 years.
  8. Higginsville is hosting. Action starts Friday at 5:00.
  9. Got be one of the toughest tournaments in the state. The tournament includes wrestlers from Class1, 2, and 3. 106lbs Tucker MacWilliam Oak Grove (3) class 2 Caleb Benshoof Grain Valley (5) Class 3 113lbs Chris Cruz Knob Noster (6) Class 1 Jet Tryon Oak Grove (1) Class 2 120lbs Connor Brown Oak Grove (1) Class 2 Austin Bowman Richmond (3) Class 2 Logan Windsor Odessa (5) Class 2 126lbs Steven Elwell Knob Noster (3) Class 1 Dakota Miller Odessa (1) Class 2 Gaige Brunell Pleasant Hill (3) Class 3 132lbs Alex Hollingsworth Lexington (2) Class 1 Cameron Wheeler
  10. Great pictures from the Battle of Lexington. http://www.maxpreps.com/photo/gallery.aspx?photogalleryid=a1f3911d-0535-415d-bb52-4b952eda6f2b http://www.maxpreps.com/photo/gallery.aspx?photogalleryid=5bd7cb5e-8d67-4c02-a125-93ba430c195d
  11. He is wrestling for Ironwood Ridge High School in Tucson, AZ.
  12. Eagle Knoll is a nice course.
  13. If all remains the same 138 could be a dogfight at the WMA Tourney. Brock Mauller-Father Tolton, Kalb Popplewell-Maysville, Cooper O'Connor-Platsburg, Dalton Fisher-Marceline, Cody Huhn-Fatima, Alex Hollingsworth-Lexington. Should be some great wrestling to watch. Not sure there would be a tougher bracket in the state. Too bad Seneca is not there, then you could throw Trey Smith in the mix. What will be some other tough brackets?
  14. I don't see him listed in track wrestling under Father Tolton's roster. Is he injured or am I missing something?
  15. The Outstanding Wrestler was Dalton Fisher.
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