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  1. I heard he hung it up to focus on football. I hope I'm wrong
  2. I dont think cox would redshirt when the ncaa tournament is a coupke hours away.
  3. When Jaydin says he isn't finishing how he wants at the national level that's because he wants to win every tournament. He lost to some tough kids and beat some tough kids too. He achieved AA status at all the national tournaments he wrestled in over the last couple years and probably beyond that.
  4. I would like to see that. I heard Baumgartner is doing pretty well too
  5. I'd say Moore vs Clayton will happen again. That was a good match. Clayton started a rally at the end but ran out of time. Looked like Clayton was a little surprised with Moore's strength. I'd love to watch the rematch!! I didn't get to see the other finals matches yet, my live feed was locking up on me. I plan on going back and watching them.
  6. I agree, definitely a freak accident. Why didn't your boy wrestle at the Border Brawl? I would have liked watching him!
  7. I like the 2 piece idea as an option. Several Missouri kids clubs already have them available. I know of a lot of people who make fun of wrestling because of the "tutu" thing you have to wear.
  8. Davion Jefferies is a tricky wrestler, he has knocked off some #1's this year, I think he is going to Oklahoma State. I was watching the live feed and think I saw him at the Border Brawl last night. The match between him and Jaydin was awesome to watch. They wrestled again at Super 32, he rolled Jaydins ankle and that match ended with a pin for Jefferies. Jaydin injury defaulted the rest of the tournament which dropped him to 6th or 8th if my memory isn't failing me.
  9. Clayton walks around right at 140 he wrestled 126 and 132 over the past summer. Haters keep hating and winners keep winning. Give the haters something to talk about. Clayton beat Boo Lewallen 2-1 at Flonationals
  10. Hayes is 138 Clayton is 145
  11. Jaydin placed 4th at Cliff Keen 128 man bracket (81 wrestlers) He placed 4th at Flo Nationals (50 plus kids) He was doing well at the super 32 before he injury defaulted. He beat a 4A runner up and a 4A state champ in freestyle state the last time he went. He is creative and tough. I honestly think he will make an impact on the MU team sooner than later.
  12. Jefferson city has middle school wrestling but its all intimural.
  13. Oh my. I am trying to edit to correct mistakes bc I am responding with my phone-I have large fingers so typos and auto correct items are what I am editing bud. Later
  14. I was unaware Purler offered more than once a week. To the best of my knowledge Purler offers 1 day a week in Columbia. I have had several wrestlers work part time for me that went to Purler. My brother also went to him a few years back-1 day a week in Columbia. Does he offer more than one night a week in the same location or is it different nights at different locations. Understand this also guys I am in no way knocking Purler! I am just trying to put out what each place is charging. If I have any facts mixed up straiten me up-please! I just felt like I had to stand up for Mike here. He
  15. I'm not editing things out of my post. I'm done on here yipping back and forth. I posted the costs So look at my previous post. Its simple-EE is cheaper per practice than Purler end of story. So just drop it man. Bottom line I think its awesome these programs exist in Missouri-they give our youth wrestlers a chance to get trained by the best. Nothing is getting accomplished bickering on here between us. All we are doing is looking like jack asses I have a young son and plan on being around wrestling heavily for another 15 years and unlike most-if people wanted to find out who I am they ca
  16. I wasn't cutting Purler short at all. I have no idea what they have. Cement mixer and pin2win were saying EE was getting rich with his club. I was stating that per practice EE is cheaper.
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