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  1. who did class 1 ? class 3 ? class 4 ? all I know its 2014 and no rankings for class 2 , close to same thing last year........ I guess if your a fan of class 2 wrestlers your out of luck , cause all I hear is who wants a shot at class 2 ? the way the rankers get blasted by everybody no thanks..... feel bad for the class 2 wrestlers
  2. 106 miles also lost in Harrisonville to tanner cole of deer creek , cole lost in the finals...... just some info
  3. thanx for the start 2112.... with seniors removed this should be fun , I see a lot of great wrestlers .....
  4. wow it took only a summer to forget why missouriwrestling.com has problems finding funds at the end of each year it seems like they are really hurting for sponsorship , there is way to many cyber bullies smart ass on here !!! you don't like what you are reading STOP READING IT classes1 3 4 all are having discussions and sharing their excitement about the upcoming season was trying to get class 2 involved ,but I will keep my eye out for this potato guy !! anybody know what weight class hes going ? now is their any body on this CLASS 2 section that wants to talk wrestling and not be a total
  5. Missouri was represented well! all of our teams did good, Missouri Storm went 7-1 in there duals finishing 5th in the gold division, Missouri Tigers and team Takedown both finished real well, from what i read our elementary teams did real good too..... so i guess our great state is heading in the right direction, i am just glad our boys were good sports , i saw some very scary stuff on how some kids acted when they lost..... so we can win or lose with pride....Great Job Missouri boys and to all that makes this stuff happen
  6. to many people moving out of st. charles are into the counties
  7. they were supposed to drop last year had 2 to many kids, every bodies moving out form St. Charles are into the county
  8. i think so too, would be cool to see mcclure and drew in finals but alot of work between now and then
  9. my boy will be a freshman this coming year at 106 lbs. just wondering
  10. whos gonna make a mark as a freshman?
  11. if you are related to hunter please read my other post under , hey officials , i really mean what i wrote on my 2nd post, 1st post i was still angry about the refs....
  12. i do wished i could take some of my comments back, there was more than 4 good refs there! so i am sorry for the comment, but there was at least 5-6 that had no buizness being there!!! period!!! i think we should use more refs that are used to the small mats !!! and i am really sorry for saying that if any of the refs mentioned were reffing my kids matched he would have placed higher.... i dont want to take anything away from the great kids that beat my boy, i think it may have been closer but josiah kline and hunter shelton would have beaten my boy regardless!!! just think it would have been c
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