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  1. Create a better product/Save Time/Improve Quality by 1. 3 classes (make sure that Cl 4 & Cl 3 have 16 teams each, all other schools put in one class) 2. 10 weight brackets
  2. Just imagine how excited Brentwood is about the next few years! They may win district, have more than 8 wrestlers qualify for State and a better chance to finally earn more than 8 points at State! Season Qualifiers State points 2020 8 6.0 2019 8 0.0 2018 7 7.5 2017 4 0.0 2016 6 0.0 2015 6 7.0 2014 6 8.0
  3. There is no doubt participation in wrestling continues to decline - easily proven by the number of entries in major tournaments in the last few years. Harder to prove but definitely witnessed is the continual decline in the quality of wrestling. Of course this issue can be quit subjective. Besides what coaches tell me about their squads, examine the win/loss records of the seeded wrestlers in districts to make this more objective. For instance in CL3/D2, the number of losses of the top two seeds keeps climbing year to year. Look at these weight classes for how high these
  4. Too true. Other issues are becoming obvious, entries in tournaments continue to decline and major tournaments are being won by wrestlers with double digit losses. More indication of the decline in participation, more unprepared wrestlers (thus not being entered by their coaches) and the continual decline in the quality of wrestling. Please don't get me wrong, there are some really good/great wrestlers but the general quality continues to decline.
  5. Is it too easy for some schools to get wrestlers to State in CL1? And then a team that wins second in districts fails to score even one team point at State with eight qualifiers? In CL1D1 (Whitfield and Brentwood’s district), there were six teams out of 16 with four or less wrestlers entered for the 2018-19 season, totaled wrestlers entered = 100. Whitfield qualified 12. Brentwood got second place in D1 and qualified 8 wrestlers. Every Brentwood qualifier was eliminated in two matches and thus 0 points in State. This is nothing knew, Brentwood has qualified 31 wrestlers in t
  6. Should the solution be a Championship Factor or something else like combining CL 1 & 2? The chance of becoming a state qualifier in 2019 (simply defined as 64 divided by entries in each district): CL 1 CL 2 CL 3 CL 4 D1 64% 60% 40% 39% D2 41% 40 42 44 D3 45% 39 37 40 D4 49% 52 44 40 Avg/D 49% 47% 40% 40%
  7. Number of schools entering 4 or less in District competition, is this a measure of commitment? The weakness in CL 1 and 2 can be seen in the number of wrestlers entered into District competition. for 2018-19 season. Class 4: Every team in all four districts entered 5 or more wrestlers per school for District competition. Class 3: Every team in D1, 3 and 4 entered 5 or more wrestlers for Districts except in D2 where Clayton only entered 2 for District competition. Class 2: D1 had three teams that entered less than 4 (MillerCareer/3, Normandy/3, & Sumner/2).
  8. Can you ID a weaker group in the first round at State? An early review of CL3 220 results show that D4 was easily defeated by D2: #1 Worthington (GV) defeated by #4 Austin (Clay) 15-6 #2 Thomas (GVW) pinned by #3 Bragee (FtZmS) 2:41 #3 Gray (HRV) defeated by #2 Kirby (HAN) 6-1 #4 Mina (WIN) pinned by #1 Mowry (SC) 2:35 When a state qualifier with a record of 19-30 makes state, maybe this isn't a surprise. But what is surprising is when Worthingtom beats Mowry 12-6 in December than loses 15-6 at state to the #4 placer. Worthington was ranked #3 at MOwrestling
  9. Suburban Conference set to align teams by competitive expectations Gone are the geographical ties of the old Suburban Conference in the St. Louis area. The 31-member conference will shuffle its member schools, by sport, into various divisions based upon competitive expectations. If an A.D. felt the program was strong, it would be an upper-tier. If there was some rebuilding to be done or a program will have fewer numbers or struggled (competitively), then they would go into a lower tier. Most schools have their schedules done, for at least the fall and the winter of the next two
  10. Agree, after losing to Fiegel 4-2, then beating Saunders 16-13 (I think he was down 11-2 during the second period), then pinning Fiegel in the third period when behind in points was outstanding.
  11. Girls Swimming: practice every school day next two weeks Boys Basketball: practice every school day next two weeks Wrestling: Monday 12/19/16-– NO PRACTICE Tuesday 12/20 —NO PRACTICE Wednesday 12/21 -NO PRACTICE Thursday 12/22 —NO PRACTICE Friday 12/23 —NO PRACTICE Monday 12/26 to Friday 11 - 1 PM Question #1: This schedule shows that the school’s Athletic Dept/wrestling coaches believe: A. The wrestling team needed more time to study for exams than bballers and swimmers, B. That wresters’ safety can be improved by simply eliminating practices, C
  12. Understand, thanks and enjoy your holiday!
  13. I really appreciate that you show the top 6 but to make it more interesting I think you may want to show the top 10 for the bigger picture, just a thought.
  14. Provost medaled in fifth place in 2016 at 126, three seniors got 1st, 2nd, and third. Liberty's Zeik at 4th now CL3 as is Smithville in 6th place. Plus he has the valuable benefit of partnering with Rogers who is ranked first at 138.
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