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  1. Did Stults not make weight at his own tournament???
  2. Any idea where enrollment lists can be found? Is smithville growing that much?
  3. Lisher and Winston going down in round 1 are huge, Park Hill really might be in trouble! Best loses in round 1 Woods, Kuster and Barnes going down in round 1 hurts...Hurley out = no points...JC might be in trouble Staley & Holt look good
  4. pin2wn


    Anyone get ejected so far?
  5. Wrestle off for the 4th spot!
  6. Pretty harsh words from Lavion... http://www.columbiatribune.com/sports/mu/smith-hopes-mayes-tigers-wake-up-and-learn-from-lackluster/article_23fa28d7-1af7-54bf-a511-c05b47e9ea70.html
  7. pin2wn

    Josiah Kline

    And now he moves to New Mexico???
  8. 5. Gage Harmon, Blue Springs isn't currently with the team
  9. pin2wn

    Cox DQ?

    Damn, i know it's college wrestling but that looked pretty bad!
  10. pin2wn

    Watch list

    big move-in to Columbia Battle...Klayton Anderson! Moving back to Central Mo from a year in Indiana...
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