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  1. Congratulations to all you guys from Kirksville, shows what hittin the weights along with alot of talent, and great coaching will get you. I do have a question, that Im not sure anyone will answer. Why is Travis Lang not seem to be in most "kirksville mentions". That kid is pure talent, he whooped up on my kid for a year, and he is a MONSTER. Oh well Im not from Kirksville just wondered, seems kinda weird. Didn't know if maybe he isnt a born n bred kville boy or what!!??:crazy:
  2. hlgwrestling, not sure if that just a list of names you believe deserve recognition or what. If it is I definitely agree as far as Brad Sodano, and Ethan Grinder. The other two I really don't know much about, just being honest. But your 100% right IMO
  3. Once again I agree with Cake, if you DESERVE a medal you'll be on the podium. If your not on the podium, you didn't get it done. One step further than the podium though, every single kid that was in Columbia last weekend was there because they were the best of the best in their weight. The kid Thorr was taking about, I don't know, but BIG props to any kid to do that after wearin a cast for 6 weeks. That young man ATLEAST deserves some recognition. JMO:clap2:
  4. It was, if you award points out of bounds, and I saw the 160 podium. Cant believe I didn't get every weight class right like that one guy that picked every weights state champ, what was his name??:fencing:
  5. 100% TRUE, I did believe in him, and he is my son. I only responded to the ? asked in the post "Who really saw Smith winning it".
  6. I totally agree with 258dad on this one. "victims of the draw" is dead on. I know it happens, and we all have OUR team, or favs, but 195 Zimmer and Orscheln were #1 and #2 all season and end up on same side of bracket. That sucks, I don't believe in any way Zimmer wasn't gonna be the state champ, but Orscheln got screwed on that one. My opinion that prob would have been the finals match otherwise.
  7. Congrats Mr. Zimmer, Good Luck with your next endeaver. Im sure whatever it is you will suceed. BEASTMODE!!!!
  8. I really saw Trey Smith winning it, but then I saw him beat Chris Hooper twice, Tony Clinesmith twice (not counting the third 13-0 at state) Brigham West twice, and Kelsey Nunley. I saw him place 1st at Odessa, Fulton, Mexico, and districts. That being said 145 and 152 were two tough weights, and really interesting! Hats off to Brinegar, Smith said he was one of the physically strongest kids he wrestled this year. Just my opinion (along with some facts) on the post!
  9. I couldn't find much on Dexters team page, does any one know much about this kid? Could he be a sneaker at 152, with the advantage of facing 170 lbers part of the season? Just a question, know nothing about the guy, must be a pretty good wrestler to get #1 seed though!
  10. I meant Hawk I Fan not Pleasant Hill.:bolt:
  11. Im done agrguing with your Pleasant Hill. Ive tried to point out that I wasnt putting west down. But now cement has made me feel like a tampon, so Im gonna pull out, no pun intended! This is to Brigham West, not Pleasant Hill, GOOD LUCK, sincerly. I truly never meant to disrespect you, your a terrific wrestler, and your name wouldn't have ever even been brought up if I had understood what someone else meant in their post, my bad. Wish YOU the best.:becky:
  12. Jock Guy Fan, I thought this was a finalist prediction page. I think you should read through because Ive not tried to hack on ANY wrestler, in fact Im pretty sure I said that Mr. West was one of the hardest trying kids Id seen in that weight. I may need to make sure that this is the finalist prediction page, not the make your wrestler feel warm and fuzzy page, and that is not an insult to Mr. West.
  13. MograpplerFan, I meant no disrespect to any wrestler, in fact if you look back Ive done nothing but wish ppl luck. As far as Oped or whoever it was, dont know him, or his name, and dont condone talking bad about any kid regardless of where they are from. When I said I was biased, I thought it was clear that I was stating my prediction, Hunter against Hooper, Sodano or Smith. I do think it is hard to state your prediction with out the backing info, which, I guess could come off derogatory. I am assuming your implying my comment about Smith beating West with little trouble, but was my way of
  14. Mr. Pleasant Hill (I wont say prob. Mr. West), I dont believe I disrespected Brigham in any way, he is a good wrestler, but this is a chat site where ppl state their opinions. My opinion is that West will probably be done wrestling on friday. I do wish him luck he is one of the hardest trying kids my son has wrestled. By the way I am not Mr. Smith, but I caught your sarcasm even though it was pointed the wrong direction.:boink:
  15. I agree that Vitale is right in that mix. Kind of surprised that McClure isnt being mentioned in this chat!?!?
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