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  1. No dog in this hunt but I enjoyed watching it anyway! Thanks!
  2. My son started his high school career with Karson Hill and finished last year with Clayton, some incredible wrestlers to watch!
  3. angus

    Nose Help

    I had to wear one in 1978 got it from Bonuuchi??? in Excelsior!! Their not there anymore, sorry lol. It wasn't fun is the only thing I can remember, everyone stares at you. Used it for halloween for a while. Broke my nose on a trampoline in our new gymnastics class bounced into the arms of our new blond gymnastics teacher that was about 22 at the time, that was the best part!!! That class was 90 percent boys.
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    This Weekend

    Excelsior Springs tourn Richmond Lawson & Boonville, Camdenton, Cameron, Carthage, Grain Valley, Moberly, Savannah, St. Joseph Benton, Warrensburg, Webb City, Oak Park
  5. A little off subject but the mention of Simpson is still a shock as I have personal video of him coaching my then 5yr old and high fives just a few months before the crime. It is a little spooky how such a seemingly good kid (and I saw nothing in his behavior except a happy guy that loved coaching these kids) can be affected so badly because of drugs. What good comes from drugs other than medical reasons and we see it creeping into our country so much with the states that are trying to legalize them. Just the thoughts that come to mind due to his mention. Recreational drugs! Think before you u
  6. I wish there was more posted. There are some of the best matches ever at tourn. and duals and no one can go to them all. Can anyone really believe that watching a wrestler than is extremely good or great can be beaten just by watching a video. I say let them try! Post them videos it will be most kids small and fleeting claim to fame and honor in their life and we get to see how hard they worked no matter if they won or lost you know both of them had to sacrifice and work so hard to reach whatever level they achieve. Thanks for posting what you do Doc I love to watch great wrestling.
  7. It has to be Clayton with Wilkes right there, I would like to see their match Wilkes by far wrestles the toughest schedule of them all. If he really wanted to he could have skipped a couple of matches and easily have been undefeated, but he did not dodge and I don't think he ever intended in wrestling 132, I even heard though not sure that he was not even qualified to wrestle 132 at State? I don't think Wilkes necessarily tries to dominate the other wrestlers, he seems content to just win. Clayton has a flair for the dramatic, therefore likes to dominate, I think, i.e. his flip! I think Har
  8. Now that's a surprise!:ballchain:
  9. Well said and as I previously stated I give him the benefit and am glad to hear you say you thought the celebration was a little too much. We need to teach humbleness more often but everyone is different and we can't knock them for such a great and very tough feat. I always loved how Marcus Allen celebrated his touchdowns by handing the ball back to the ref. Act like you've been there before is a class act. But in many cases they haven't been there before so we should give them some room for that celebration, it is great. I don't really like the hide behind nicknames comment. While some do tha
  10. I agree with everything you said. The competition was fantastic. A lot of boys went home with less than they had last year. That speaks to the youth programs bringing up some incredible wrestlers right out of junior high ready to compete. Being a junior or senior only is a slight edge anymore. It also speaks to young men working their butts off from one year to the next because they don't want to go home empty handed. I find myself rooting for the Seniors often knowing it is their last shot. I would be curious at how the medals break down between the classes, freshman to senior. Where's our nu
  11. That may be I will give him the benefit of the doubt, it just did not look good but everyone is different, I was rooting for the Plattsburg kid being from D3 anyway, I just like to see them win with great respect to the opponent, I certainly don't know what I would do, wish I could've found out but I fell a couple short in my day in the last century. This was fun to watch I will say that! Congrats to all the young men to end their hard work in this manner! Even the ones that went home empty, you have a lot to be proud of!
  12. For those of us who couldn't be there, this was light looking through binoculars only better! I thoroughly enjoyed watching this tournament. I would have liked to see the sound left on would be the only thing better. Or if I could rewind to look at something over and over. I would like to of seen Jaydin Clayton's ankle pick again. It was so fast I couldn't hardly see it. Would like to of showed my 7yr old that one again.
  13. He stretched his shirt forward in like a superman or something, I am not quite sure what you would call it but it did look a bit disrespectful!
  14. Preston did very well, a well deserved 2nd Place and an all D3 Championship match! Great Job Grant and Preston! Jaydin Clayton is something! Congrats to Chris Wilkes as well I like to watch him wrestle! Great Job on the State Championship video as well! What great shots! Except for the Refs wide blocks!
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