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    Nonnie Justice https://www.missouriwrestling.com/team-mo-fargo/
  2. Job posting was posted 6/26: https://erecruit.umsystem.edu/psp/tamext/COLUM/HRMS/c/HRS_HRAM_FL.HRS_CG_SEARCH_FL.GBL?Page=HRS_APP_JBPST_FL&Action=U&SiteId=6&FOCUS=Applicant&SiteId=6&JobOpeningId=30675&PostingSeq=1
  3. Reported at The Open Mat
  4. Just wanted to share with the Missouri wrestling community that Jerry Hamilton passed away last weekend. Jerry had been battling cancer the past two years.
  5. Josh Saunders decided to continue his education and wrestling career at Cornell University over Penn State, Illinois, Princeton, MIZZOU This was a difficult decision for him. Josh currently has a 4.28 cumulative GPA and 4.5 GPA this semester and will study Actuary Science and Engineering at Cornell.
  6. Sean Mael will be working the cameras for the Mizzou dual. Be sure to check out his camera work!
  7. I'm hearing reports Carrollton missed weigh-ins.
  8. I haven't heard anything else. My KC writer said he spoke with Liberty coaches and they said he's out.
  9. With Truman wrestling not looking great... just got word there could be another big name school(s) that program could be dropped in the next 1-2 years. If you are a fan of college wrestling, please get out and support these programs.
  10. New report: Dolt is out.
  11. Other random data (Class 4): Total Qualifiers:224 Wrestlers with double digit losses: 89 Wrestlers with single digit losses: 135 Average qualifier win percentage: 78.21% Double Digit loss by grade: FR: 17 SO: 17 JR: 28 SR: 27 Single Digit loss by grade: FR: 12 SO: 23 JR: 43 SR: 57 Total Winning percentage by class: FR 73.71% SO 76.09% JR 78.26% SR 80.83% Total Wins by District: C4-D1
  12. That's what I was thinking. If "watered down" really means tough competition. I didn't get any numbers for overall win/loss records or if the double digit losses are more than their double digits wins. Just a misc piece of info.
  13. But also, good for him.
  14. Misc information for discussion heading into State. Not sure if anyone has talked about the field being "watered down". But overall, there will be 45.4% of the wrestlers entering´╗┐ state with double digit losses on their records. Class 2 has over 50%. 26 of 56 weight classes have at least half of the 16 man bracket with double digit losses. 24 total losing records heading into State´╗┐.
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