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  1. Looking for 1 general admission ticket to the Class 3 State Tournament on 3/12. If you have one available, please reach me at schwartzca@yahoo.com Thanks
  2. The brackets have been released for the 2012 NCWA National Championships, taking place in Daytona Beach, FL. The three day event, beginning March 8th, will feature two teams located in Missouri and many former Missouri high school wrestlers. Brackets, results and live feed can be found at ncwa.net. Action begins at 10:00 am on Thursday Lindenwood-St Charles 125-Blayne Shockley (Rolla) 133-Michael Caldwell (Rotana,IL) 141-Jacob Janes (Hannibal) 141-Craig Chiles (Hillsboro) 149-Chris Sanders (Rolla) 149-Cullen Halpin (Wentzville-Holt) 157-Mason Ridenhour (Rolla) 157-
  3. Northwest Missouri State wrestlers have received their first round draws for the NCWA National Championships. 133-Travis Peter (O'Hara) vs Devin Merriner (Mott CC) 149-Jacob Mercer (Carrollton) vs winner of Matthew Terza (Florida) & Mark Irwin (Penn State) 157-Danny Apgar (O'Hara) vs Ryan Madson (M.I.T) 165-Jordan Peter (O'Hara) vs Billy Kuczarski (MA-Baltimore) 197-Blake Schoeringer (Wentzville-Holt) vs Roland Pitts (Florida A&M) 285-Preston Reeves (West Platte) vs Joshua Broadway (North Florida) Opening ceremony begins at 8:45 am, with first round a
  4. Northwest Missouri's first round results 125-Craig Addison wbd Jericho Urmenita {US Naval Prep/NEC} 3-2 141-A.J. Goff lbf Dillon Pousson {Illinois-Edwards/NCC} 149-Jacob Mercer lbmd Jay Mitchell {Marion Military/SEC} 16-5 174-Jordan Peter wbff [George Murray] {The Ohio State/NCC}- 184-Matthew Carroll wbd Patrick Neilan {Univ Connecticut/NEC} 9-7 197-Blake Schoeninger wbff [Matt Ferber] {Lafayette College/MEC}- 285-Austin Laudwig lbf Shane Hegedus {Oakland Univ/NCC}-
  5. Enjoy http://www.sporcle.com/games/RobsterCraw/4xchamps http://www.sporcle.com/games/RobsterCraw/class1champs http://www.sporcle.com/games/RobsterCraw/class2champs http://www.sporcle.com/games/RobsterCraw/class3champs http://www.sporcle.com/games/RobsterCraw/class4champs Let me know if there are any other Missouri wrestling related quizes you wish to see.
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