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  1. Seneca will make an impact in the Class 2 team race for certain.
  2. According to the MSHSAA director that oversee's wrestling, these changes will absolutely affect wrestling and they are going into effect for 2020-21.
  3. Warren, is this a statement from MSHSAA or word of mouth?
  4. Good I guess unless Mshsaa decides to raise the numbers in Class 1 and 2 in the next two years.
  5. True that. I think that's a live shot at the Hungry Mule Cafe.
  6. High. They're the second biggest school in Class 1. Oops, sorry they're the third biggest.
  7. Good points Mathound, especially the last, but horse has left the barn I'm afraid. The unintended consequences are likely to be plenty. I can't imagine that Class 3 as a whole is really happy about Whitfield joining their ranks.
  8. John Burroughs, Lutheran St. Charles, Springfield Catholic, Pembroke Hill and St. Pius all probably move down to Class 1. St. Mary's, MICDS, Westminster and Helias move down to Class 2. Vianney, Chaminade and Central St. Joseph move down to Class 3. Father Tolton stays in Class1 I think. It looks like they have 2 points in the last six years. Whitfield moves up to Class 3. So assuming there are no glaring mistakes I've made here, twelve wrestling schools move down one class, one stays in it's current class and one moves up two classes.
  9. That would be my guess.
  10. It's the latter. The new rule for classification of private school athletic programs looks at a rolling six years of performance and yes they are retroactively applying the upgrade points, so to speak. It's how far you get in the State series team wise. Winning Districts is 1 point. Semi finalist/top four is 2 points. Finalist/2nd is 3 points and State Champion is 4 points. You just get the points from the highest placing your team achieves, not the cumulative points from all levels. Three points in six years moves you up one class and eight points moves you up two. So for examp
  11. Yup, and CBC to Class 5... oh wait, there isn't a Class 5.
  12. I'm surprised no one is talking about this and how it will affect the wrestling classes moving forward. Responding to wwwrestle, Proposal 10 is the private school ad hoc committee proposal. Basically it penalizes any successful private school athletic (not just wrestling) programs by moving them up one or more classes.
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