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  1. j'dens win streak would have been more if it wasn't for some bizarre DQ.
  2. The hand to the back of the head at the 1:22 mark is just fine. The cross face was just fine. The question is why did the kid on top, who looked to me to be winning, just start slugging the kid? From the video, the kid on top started throwing punches, easy to say he is disqualified. Not sure the what the debate is here?
  3. Talking about increasing numbers and you put the solution as getting rid of the singlet. Ridicules. I took over a middle school program that had 6 wrestlers in my first season. with 4 getting to wrestle at the end of the season.That was 4 seasons ago. This year I had 29 wrestlers with 19 wrestling in the last tournament of the season. I didn't get this change by promising kids that they wouldn't have to wear a singlet. I have to get out and talk to kids in the hallway, on the football teams, grab kids leaving from being cut from the basketball teams, stopping 5th graders as they tour the build
  4. I will help spread the word as well. I'm going to Willard tonight. I'll inform the 3 schools there.
  5. I had no idea the site was back up until a few weeks ago. From the looks and discussions I've had we other coaches around southwest mo they didn't either. Thanks Jonathan
  6. In the official meeting they emphasize stall every year for the last 7 or 8 years. I've know about the 2 or 3 steps backwards being called since i wrestling in the early 90's. This really doesn't sound like anything new. Really its only a matter of time now, before we all start reading about how some wrestler got ripped off by an official who called stalling on him. Then that will be followed up by, Missouri is so behind on how and when to call stalling, then we get compared to all these other states. Please just let it go. I've seen just as many great wrestlers come out of Missouri
  7. Almost all of the COC schools in southwest MO has Junior High wrestling. They compete with each other and even have a confrence tournament. They start in October and are done the in the first week of December. Then most of the kids to go straight to USA wrestling. I believe the Ozark Conference schools outside of springfield has Junior High wrestling as well, except west plains. They do their season at the same time as the COC does. Springfield does middle school wrestling at the end of Feb. for about 4 weeks. Some USA kids wrestle in this and on the weekends go to the tournaments, but mo
  8. I am involved still. I just don't do the USA wrestling anymore. Someday I might return to being involved with USA but not right now. I just coach wrestling through the school district and if I wasn't coaching I would just be officiating Jr High or High school wrestling.
  9. mlundy, I have no idea where your post is going with my comment. When I coached youth wrestling I never had to get kicked out to get my point across. I found that talking to the officials in a respectful manner later in the day or even after the tournament was over that I could influence the officials more than trying to get in a heated confrontation out on the mat at that moment. I gained more respect from the official as the season went on and throughout the years. From an officials point of view I find that the coaches are wrong 99 of 100 times. I also find that the coaches tha
  10. This is why I don't coach or officiate youth wrestling anymore. Most of the coaches don't know how to approach the official in a calm and respectful manner. Most of the officials are inexperienced with dealing with coaches and don't know how to handle the situation. It's just sad that youth wrestling has to have such issues with coaches being more right than the officials and the wrestlers having to have inexperienced officials because the better officials don't want to deal with the youth coaches.
  11. I am still going with the official on this one.
  12. I have not seen the match, until then I will agree with the official. The officials at the USA state tournament are the same ones who do the high school tournament. I believe they are the best you can get, but if your better go to mshsaa.org and get your license and see lets see how good you are.
  13. I believe the wrestlers decide how the overtime plays out. Yes they flip a disk for the start of the tiebreaker. Each wrestler gets a choice in the first 2 tiebreakers. Then in the Ultimate tiebreaker the wrestler who scored first gets the choice, if your on bottom and you score you win, if your on top and you ride him out or score you win. Now your coices are affected by injury timeouts, penalties, and unsportsmanlike calls, but still the wrestlers decide the outcome not a flip of a coin.
  14. I don't know where your going with protect a woman's body. That is not was wrestling is about. That would be the WWE. Now that I have that out of the way, if your son beats the girl he has to wrestle or if the girls beats him no one is going to criticize him. Now if your son went out there and tried to purposely injure her then your talking a completely different story. I believe the forfeiting shows more disrespect to the girl and can even be taking as a form of one being a bit chauvinist.
  15. Your the one not getting it, let me put it to you in a simple way. When making a call time is irrelevant. Stop your whinning and pointing blame at the official. Let me say this AGAIN, Wrestlers, learn to stay aggressive and learn to circle and do not try to avoid contact. Wrestlers who do these three things will be called for stalling less and have more stall calls against their opponents.
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