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  1. Contact info Ben Dinwiddie 314-550-9987 bdinwiddie@live.com
  2. Middle School Wrestling Competitions We would be interested in setting up a dual or a tri-dual with your squad, but we have limited funds for travel. If you are interested in coming our way, we can host the event. Please let me know ASAP, so that I may begin planning. Ben Dinwiddie McCluer North Wrestling bdinwiddie@fergflor.k12.mo.us 314-550-9987
  3. Looking for middle school programs in the St. Louis area that are looking for competition. In addition, this is the first year of this sort of program in our district, and we need information about middle school wrestling programs. For example, what are the weight classes for middle school programs? Any and all information will be helpful as we attempt to get this program off the ground. Ben Dinwiddie McCluer North High School Wrestling Coach Cross Keys Middle
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