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  1. Also remember that NCAA’s are in St Louis and Mizzou is hosting. I bet if freshmen are ready to go, they’ll go.
  2. I'm bored and about to be off work for a month: 125- Connor Brown/ Cam Valdiviez/ Noah Surtin/ Cevion Severado 133- Brown/ Matt Schmitt/ Allan Hart 141- Grant Leeth/ Schmitt/Hart 149- Brock Mauller 157- Jacques/ Keegan O'Toole 165- Mocco/ Sean Harman/ O'Toole 174- Jeremiah Kent 184- Canten Marriott 197- Koelling/ Rocky Elam 285- Zach Elam
  3. Very surprised to hear him say he's coming back next year.
  4. Wish he could have been the guy all year, for sure.
  5. What was Valdiviez's RPI? I didn't think he had much of a chance at all.
  6. 2 Classes 32 man brackets (so there is the same number of state qualifiers) 8 medalists per weight
  7. #2 is just the way it has to be conducted. MSHSAA is in a tough spot. They are running five tournaments concurrently and all classes are together in the arena (minus girls) starting with the evening session on Friday. The only change could be to run the semis first and then the blood round, or vice versa.
  8. I'm hoping to be back next year.
  9. By not allowing girls to wrestle in the boy’s district tournaments, it’s the same as girls and boys basketball.
  10. 97 is absolutely the right call. I can’t wait for Sadulaev and Cox. That’ll be one of the all time great matches
  11. Seeding meetings were last night. Any surprises so far?
  12. Girls are not eligible to wrestle in boys Districts. And starting next year, girls are not allowed to wrestle on the boys team at all.
  13. The rumor out of Minnesota was that Winston was getting worked over pretty well in the room. Not sure how true it is.
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