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  1. Warren Haynes

    Tigers and Cowboys 2:30 Saturday

    Haha! Unfortunately, I am one of those underlings!
  2. Warren Haynes

    First Rd DQ's

    Parkway North did on Saturday in the last ten years. I know Affton did once, as well.
  3. Warren Haynes

    Tigers and Cowboys 2:30 Saturday

    Finalist march starts at 3:30pm. I have to help set up for our broadcasts, too.
  4. Warren Haynes

    First Rd DQ's

  5. Warren Haynes

    Tigers and Cowboys 2:30 Saturday

    It'll be weird watching a dual on my laptop that is happening across the street
  6. Warren Haynes

    First Rd DQ's

    I'm seeing four DQ's in the morning session. I'm guessing these were from missing weight or skin check. They'd be MDEF if they were hurt, correct?
  7. Warren Haynes

    Park hill takes state?

    Is Dolt out? Getting zero points out of that spot would be a hill to climb.
  8. Warren Haynes

    MSHSAA Wrestling Championships Class 4 Preview

    Awesome!!! Please don't ruin the only place I can go on the internet that doesn't get into politics.
  9. Warren Haynes

    State Warmups

    Eh, on second thought, it's not as bad as I had thought. I saw this other notice first. This could have caused an issue. Warm-up Mats for Wrestlers: Event floor mats WILL NOT be open for wrestlers at the conclusion of weigh-ins for each session. Warm-up mats provided onsite must be used for all warm-ups, the exception of prior to the state finals. Due the addition of Girls Wrestling to the time schedule, the event floor mats will not be available for warm-ups
  10. Warren Haynes

    State Warmups

    How will this be received? Do they have enough warm up space in the back? I see this being an issue, and it hasn't really been brought up yet. (NEW) Warm-up Mats/Areas: All warm-up mats will be located on the west end of Mizzou Arena on Concourse level. Monitors showing on deck weight classes will be provide in the warmup area at concourse level for wrestlers to monitor when they should be making their way to the match assignment tunnels. The Southwest stairway is the only access for wrestlers to use to move from concourse level to event level. The only warmups permitted on the competition mats will be at start of the first round on Thursday, Friday and Saturday as well as prior to the start of the State Finals on Saturday.
  11. Warren Haynes

    Programs Dropping

    Hmmm. I really hope it isn't the school I'm thinking of
  12. Warren Haynes

    Park hill takes state?

    I've been assigned to announce the Class 4 finals again, this year. I fully expect to be figuring the team score as the finals go on. It's gonna be a fun Saturday night.
  13. Warren Haynes

    State brackets

    I don't remember who talked about it first, but I like 2 classes. 32 qualifiers per class (same number of qualifiers then) and wrestle to 8th place.
  14. Warren Haynes

    State Matchups

    That’s too bad. Such a shame to see a kid lose an opportunity to compete
  15. Warren Haynes

    State brackets

    Virginia has a kid that qualified for state at 0-8 for the year. He was in a four man bracket at their qualifying tourney.