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  1. One upper bowl ticket in the MU section. Section 304, Row J. $190 Text 636-235-1557 Kevin Fowler
  2. Fun going back and reading through this "tournament". I have to agree with wrestling89 though (and I realize I'm biased), Murphy beats Gibbs. Not saying he goes any deeper than that but he gets past that one.
  3. Liberty is just going to have a 9th grade class so I don't think they will participate this year in the State series. The following year when they redistrict is when they will enter into the State series. I believe this is correct as I remember talking to a Wentzville coach about it but I'm not 100% certain.
  4. Thanks fellas, I secured some today...had to buy an extra one so now I have one more than i need but at least I'm in the door.
  5. If anyone happens to have extra tickets, my group still needs three. Thanks in advance. Kevin Fowler fowlerkn@warrencor3.k12.mo.us
  6. Let me add....if anyone has an extra ticket or four....my group sure could use them! fowlerkn@warrencor3.k12.mo.us
  7. Should have got them a couple weeks ago, better get on the horn and find out if you're actually getting them this year. MU didn't get close to the amount of tickets they usually do. My group still needs tickets since we couldn't get ours through MU this year. Good luck, hope it works out for you but I'd get on the phone and call the wreslting office.
  8. Congrats to both Kearney an Neosho on a great team race. Seeing some of these posts I thought it would be appropriate to share something that happened at the tournament. I got a call on my cell phone while sitting in the coaching area, the number showed up as one of my own wrestlers. On the other end was someone explaining that they had found a cell phone in their section and called my number to try and track down who the owner was. Not only did the wrestler track me down but he hand delivered it from the top of the arena down to me as I couldn't leave at the time. It was Blake Clevenger
  9. I'm in need of at least four. Had a hotel within walking distance for about a year but no tickets this year. I'm starting to worry to be honest. Hoping after all the qualifiers that some may come available. I'm also hopeful that there will be some outside the arena like past years. I've been to about the last 12 and have always seen people outside selling them. They say this year will be different but they said the same about Philly. Guess at worst we'll be sitting in an "establishment" enjoying it on ESPN.
  10. http://www.flowrestling.org/speaker/162-Brian-Smith/video/654359-Brian-Smith-All-For-The-National-Duals-Change Coach Smith talks a little more about the possible changes.
  11. Sammie also posted tonight that Dom better be ready to work for a title. Also said they were enjoying their last meal before moving.
  12. scr, thanks for the clarification and I guess that's one reason MSHSAA can say they wait. My only argument would be that I don't believe too many coaches would be concerned if they made the classes/districts and then had to place any "new" participating schools at a later date. I think waiting affects more schools then if they went ahead a released them. That's the way I look at it but I could be wrong.
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