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  1. The single season win record? No, Cody broke it, and then Louis tied it.
  2. Awww someone can't take criticism. Most everyone here knows who Fudge and I are and everyone was invited to Happy Hour to meet up, so we don't hide at all. You're story was a bit slanted in ours and others opinions.
  3. There was some blatant bad reffing in this tournament. None of it happened to our guys so I am not a biased angry fan either. Pee Wee screwing Arnold was on of the worst, and another terrible call that comes to mind-even though it wouldn't have changed the outcome of the match-the reffing on Chellew vs Wilczek was TERRIBLE!!!! How is it that when Chellew is on top furiously working for the crossface cradle can be called for stalling not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES!!!!!! My GOD! It was hideous! Wilczek would have won regardless but that is EXACTLY why Missouri kids CANNOT ride. Tha
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