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  1. Obnoxio, I think Kaleb was completely justified in that situation.
  2. Geez kids these days are lucky they aren't pulling this roughness on someone like Chandler... lol!
  3. Just you wait Obie! I told Allie's mom about your posts! She said she'll be here to address you once she gets back from Buck's Rifle and Pistol store.
  4. Relax Carla, people will always have something negative to say. It's best to not get too worked up over it. Plenty of people stepped up in defense of Greg and Kaleb. You don't need to dirty your hands too.
  5. Look at it this way. This "Privilege Pass" is considered a benefit that is kept by those who are "doing good". If you aren't doing as you are supposed to in school (attendence) then you will lose the benefit of the Pass. It's obviously a reward for doing what you are supposed to be doing. What is the purpose of school? Education. Kaleb's missing days were excused because he was seeking to further his education and was checking out colleges. This is the ENTIRE point of school. This teacher as so rigid and inflexible that she refused to take into account the entire situation. Kaleb
  6. In that case I am glad he said that. Taking a pass away from excused collegiate recruiting visits is RETARDED. Where was the teachers common sense?
  7. I'm currently under negotiation. The board scoffed at my 100k/year salary but I am merely using negotiating tactics here. I will accept 75k/year. 8)
  8. Who did that? That's awesome! I love self promotion.
  9. I didn't know Marshmallow Men has knees?
  10. I don't want to hear how much fun it was. I'm already annoyed I couldn't make it.
  11. Who cares? Seriously. Everyone's favorite wrestler Ben Askren got a lot of attention in High School for publically stating how he was going to beat a wrestler and then went out and did it. Yet does this affect anyone's opinion of Ben? Nope. Personally, I hope Kaleb meant every word. Political correctedness and over sensitivity is running rampant these days. Grow thicker skin people.
  12. So you are ruling it out as a possibility because it would have been an idiots move? No one could POSSIBLY do something stupid could they?
  13. I hear he is kind of like a cross between Chuck Norris and Jack Bauer but has the look of Gerard Butler.
  14. Why? To justify your own opinion?
  15. Bad news. My request to get off work for Friday was denied.
  16. Is there any hotel rooms left? I assume it will be a little late to reserve a room. Which hotel is close to The Rome? After Happy Hour I don't want to drive anywhere. Is there a hotel within walking distance?
  17. Josh Buchanan. He's my soon to be brother-in-law and is one of my groomsman. To this day he doesn't seem to like talking about that match. I remember hearing about it long before I met Josh. There were rumors going around at the time that Josh and TJ weren't behaving the night before and that played a role in Josh's loss. I asked Josh about it a couple of years ago and he said it was BS. He just lost the match.
  18. Yes. Mike Hansen beat Kephardt in the finals Hansen's junior year and Tim's freshmen year. The next yeat I believe a sophomore Kephardt beat a senior Hansen during the season and was expected to beat him in the State Finals. Then along came Kip Smith who upsets Tim in the Semi's and then loses in the finals to Hansen.
  19. Thursday Night? Ouch. I'm going to have to see if I can get out of work Friday...
  20. Sounds like you're looking for an excuse for one extra weekend away from home...
  21. Kip was the one to upset Kephardt. Hansen then beat Kip and became a 2Xer.
  22. I may get assassinated if I show up... the religion boards may have stirred up some angry gun-totting evangelists....
  23. Good points all Coach Wier. It also should be added that there will NEVER be a perfect format. You want the best format available but even then which format would work best isn't going to hold true every season much less for each weight class in one season.
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