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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p0YZuVeY4Ik I used clips from my daughters first year of wrestling, starting with when we went to a pre-season Nationals Tournament where she was in way over her head. I start out with the losses and move into the victories along with motivational/inspirational speeches to show that success is found on the other side of failure. The key is to push through.
  2. Be prepared for a long story of me being a proud dad willing to brag on his girl a bit! Anyone who follows youth wrestling on Facebook has likely heard some of this tale already... What do you want from me? I've been among the missouriwrestlingdotcom community since 2002, I believe, when I was a young lad of 22. So long ago that I remember when Mickey Joe Stern did the State Rankings. Anyone who has been around during that time knows I came from Northwest and was/am a die hard supporter of the Lions and the Wilhelm Regime that runs it. I even ran the State Rankings myself one year
  3. This must be the unreleased alternative ending to the Kevin McCallister story.
  4. That was exactly my point. Why was this even brought up in the first place? It should never have even been brought up, and it's extremely tiring hearing about it for no reason.
  5. I am not sure why this was ever brought this up then. There could be someone seething that there isn't a green bean flavored ice cream. We don't talk about that. As I said, there is absolutely no reason to bring it up then. That's easy enough to do, even if you personally aren't doing it. Less nutty things have been done. Watch the video and see how grievance ideology works. Those scholars mentioned in the video sent in a "study" to Academic Journals how dog humping in parks is racist as a hoax and it got published and nominated for "Outstanding Scholarship". Tha
  6. Who the hell is seething over J'Den Cox? Who the hell is uncomfortable with who J'Den Cox dates? I find the problem with calling people racist is that it has become the "go to" method of discrediting anyone the accuser does not like these days. Everything is racist. Chris Pratt is now being accused of being a white supremacist because he wore the "Don't Tread On Me" shirt. Most normal people don't give a shit about racism and just live their lives to the best of their ability and do not interfere with the lives of other people because of "racism". But there is a unsettling
  7. Amazing! Hard work pays off!
  8. Are we talking about who is racist? I haven't heard this one before. Owning dogs is racist, keeping track of time is racist, not agreeing with the left is racist. Everything is racist... which means the word has lost it's meaning and is more likely to turn me off towards people using it than anything else.
  9. Is there a good place to keep track of upcoming girls youth wrestling tournaments? Is trackwrestling the best place or is there something better?
  10. Is Steve Smith the only one to medal their very first year of wrestling? We have a few 2nd year wrestlers, but what about first? I would guess it is more likely to do it in Class 1, which makes it more impressive that Steve Smith did it in the large school class.
  11. Watson took 2nd to Barker in 2000. I don't think many of the above qualify. The criteria mentioned was best first year or 2nd year of wrestling. Not best wrestlers who had no youth wrestling. For example, I specifically mentioned Buchanan's 2nd year of wrestling where he took 2nd at State, not his 3rd and 4th years of wrestling where he took 3rd and 1st.
  12. Who began wrestling in High School without ANY youth experience and did the best in their first and second year? For example, Steve Smith (of Marquette?) took 6th his first year of wrestling. Josh Buchanan (Farmington) took 2nd his 2nd year wrestling. What others?
  13. https://www.purlerwrestling.com/camps-clinics/3-position-topbottomneutral-camp/ Any U14 girl's going? Who's going?
  14. I think it all depends. It seems to me that it is far easier to see when a parent/coach is doing something wrong than it is to see when they're doing something right. The circumstances vary between each child and family. I've observed fathers who push their little kid hard without ever offering a compliment or praise, even when the child seeks it. I've also seen fathers so aloof and uninvolved that their kid was making the most basic of mistakes (like stance or offering any resistance when going live) for months on end without ever showing the slightest improvement. (Coach can't do it
  15. I came across this article by Cary Kolat. In it he discusses kids wrestling too young. This is likely to be a controversial topic with hard opinions, so chime in and let us know what you think: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cary_Kolat https://www.kolat.com/blog/we-compete-to-soon What say you?
  16. Say a team has a girl's team wrestler that's better than the boy's varsity wrestler at the same weight. Are the girls forbidden from now wrestling boys that they have separate state Tournaments? Is a switch allowed on dual meets sometimes? Curious how this would work. Say the Conference title is on the line and a team has a stud girl wrestler. Are they unable to allow her to compete in the dual for the Conference Championship?
  17. Who is this impostor!!!!!!
  18. There's a couple of TJ Hill videos on Youtube. Only 1 from High School that I found, and it is not a match against kids during the season. I believe it is just after he won his last title. I heard rumor that he is back in Missouri now. I think he was gone for awhile.
  19. http://intermatwrestle.com/articles/10428
  20. Has he even been around in the last decade?
  21. RIP Obnoxio. Jerry will certainly be missed. He was an incredibly nice guy, always upbeat, and a total goofball. He was always packing a joke or a tease. I will remember fondly the many dual meets and tournaments that we sat together and chatted about anything that came to mind. I even lured him over to be a fan of the "Norfwest Kittens". I hadn't spoken to him in about 10 years or so. Also, Jerry's dad who posted here as Father Joe is also gone, as of October 2018. RIP Padre. The two men were never far apart at wrestling meets and were always welcoming. Sad times.
  22. Holy Shiznit! Look what I found. Fast forward to 2h29m40seconds to see the finals of the Senior Nationals 189 where Scott Barker pins Les Sigman in 24 seconds. 38m55seconds has Dustin Brewer's match as well. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ObzC41PA2F0
  23. Well, I for one am very excited about this. I once joked with my friend - before I had children - that one of my dreams is to watch my sons wrestle... but watch me end up having all girls. Sure enough, I had two girls and no boys and my wife and I aren't planning on having any more. When I found out that MSHSAA opened up a Girls State Tournament, I immediately asked my daughter if she would be interested in trying it out. She's very competitive, aggressive in sports, and is very quick so I thought that she might find wrestling to be a fit for her. So far so good, albeit we are a
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