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  1. Louden

    Starting Wrestling too young...

    I think it all depends. It seems to me that it is far easier to see when a parent/coach is doing something wrong than it is to see when they're doing something right. The circumstances vary between each child and family. I've observed fathers who push their little kid hard without ever offering a compliment or praise, even when the child seeks it. I've also seen fathers so aloof and uninvolved that their kid was making the most basic of mistakes (like stance or offering any resistance when going live) for months on end without ever showing the slightest improvement. (Coach can't do it all). There doesn't seem to be a perfect way of doing it. It seems to me that in Youth Wrestling burn out is a common issue. I remember wrestlers that had a lot of natural talent at the youth level but either quit before High School or made it a year or two in and then quit. Attempting to navigate that as a parent can be difficult, and often some kids respond differently than even their own siblings might to encouragement or pressure. If I had to wager, I would say that kids who are ridden like horses throughout their youth years without any real communication/feedback allowed will experience a higher percentage of burn out than those who are enjoying it and are involved in an active conversation with their parents about wrestling. The youngest kids do what they're told and don't often question. As kids age they are going to start exploring in their minds what it is that they are doing and what they want. If wrestling has been nothing but misery it's going to be hard for that kid to find reasons to stick it out for the long haul, unless that kid has parents who are willing to listen to them and guide them. Yikes! Not cool.
  2. Louden

    RIP Jerry Hamilton (obnoxio)

  3. Louden

    Starting Wrestling too young...

    I came across this article by Cary Kolat. In it he discusses kids wrestling too young. This is likely to be a controversial topic with hard opinions, so chime in and let us know what you think: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cary_Kolat https://www.kolat.com/blog/we-compete-to-soon What say you?
  4. Say a team has a girl's team wrestler that's better than the boy's varsity wrestler at the same weight. Are the girls forbidden from now wrestling boys that they have separate state Tournaments? Is a switch allowed on dual meets sometimes? Curious how this would work. Say the Conference title is on the line and a team has a stud girl wrestler. Are they unable to allow her to compete in the dual for the Conference Championship?
  5. Louden

    Let's get this party started!

    Who is this impostor!!!!!!
  6. Louden

    Most dominant wrestler by decade

    There's a couple of TJ Hill videos on Youtube. Only 1 from High School that I found, and it is not a match against kids during the season. I believe it is just after he won his last title. I heard rumor that he is back in Missouri now. I think he was gone for awhile.
  7. http://intermatwrestle.com/articles/10428
  8. Louden

    RIP Jerry Hamilton (obnoxio)

    A fine tribute!
  9. Louden

    Happy to have the forums again

    Has he even been around in the last decade?
  10. Louden

    RIP Jerry Hamilton (obnoxio)

    RIP Obnoxio. Jerry will certainly be missed. He was an incredibly nice guy, always upbeat, and a total goofball. He was always packing a joke or a tease. I will remember fondly the many dual meets and tournaments that we sat together and chatted about anything that came to mind. I even lured him over to be a fan of the "Norfwest Kittens". I hadn't spoken to him in about 10 years or so. Also, Jerry's dad who posted here as Father Joe is also gone, as of October 2018. RIP Padre. The two men were never far apart at wrestling meets and were always welcoming. Sad times.
  11. Louden

    Most dominant wrestler by decade

    Holy Shiznit! Look what I found. Fast forward to 2h29m40seconds to see the finals of the Senior Nationals 189 where Scott Barker pins Les Sigman in 24 seconds. 38m55seconds has Dustin Brewer's match as well. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ObzC41PA2F0
  12. Louden

    State Championship Missouri Girls

    Well, I for one am very excited about this. I once joked with my friend - before I had children - that one of my dreams is to watch my sons wrestle... but watch me end up having all girls. Sure enough, I had two girls and no boys and my wife and I aren't planning on having any more. When I found out that MSHSAA opened up a Girls State Tournament, I immediately asked my daughter if she would be interested in trying it out. She's very competitive, aggressive in sports, and is very quick so I thought that she might find wrestling to be a fit for her. So far so good, albeit we are at the very beginning of this. This has made me extremely excited. I haven't really followed wrestling for the past 10 years or so after following it religiously from 2001-2010. When I first walked into the practice room waves of nostalgia rolled in. Lord, I miss wrestling!
  13. Maybe Jonathan just needs someone to enter the data for him. *nominates self*
  14. Louden

    Most dominant wrestler by decade

    Yes. He pinned everyone or maybe everyone but one. His finals match at Sr Nationals he pinned a guy in around 24 seconds. He wrestled up a weight his Sr year of HS. He was barely a 189 lber and he wrestled 215 in a weight class that was so stacked that a 3X medalist didn't even place there on his senior year. Barker handled everyone but super athlete Steve Watson whom he beat by major decision, like 15-7 or something. He did tech fall Ray Goodson. Goodson the following year was the undefeated State Champion who teched the guy he wrestled in the finals. Barker's junior and senior years he was insanely dominant. However, he wasn't as dominant his freshman and sophomore campaigns. As a sophomore he lost to a 2X State Champ in the finals. That's why I think - personally - that TJ Hill wins it for the 90's. He destroyed people his entire career. Schatzman would be close, he did go undefeated, but he wasn't putting on the show that TJ was, breaking takedown records, throwing people around, pinning and teching everyone. At least that's what several coaches told me. They said - when I asked about it back then - that TJ was more dominant in HS than Schatzman. If I remember right, I was told that Schatzman was just so smooth and always in control. You just couldn't get him in a bad spot and he breezed through great wrestlers. They then said TJ would just smash everyone. Not pretty, not smooth, just rough em up and eat their lunch. Who are we missing aside from Hill, Schatzman, and Barker from the 90's?