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  1. Correct me if I'm wrong, but hasn't Kent only been wrestling a few years? I thought someone said he only started in 8th or 9th grade. He is very talented, but with not as many years on the mat as a lot of the guys, that may show more in some matches.
  2. I guess I was wondering if it was a large percentage they are off. Again using your examples, I can see the 157/165 for O'Toole - especially with wrestling 160 this year. But I cannot see Hawks at 174.
  3. So how often are the projected weights off? I realize that sometimes high school kids may get a crazy growth spurt, but mostly I would think the coaches can foresee where they end up. Curious and using your examples, since they have O’Toole projected at 165 and Hawks at 184.
  4. I agree. A few years ago it was a completely different story. Unfortunately, it's just not the same. No one talks, unless you want to count the ones who post ridiculous things or try to sell their camps/singlets/tournaments on EVERY.SINGLE.FORUM. Kind of a bummer. I really used to enjoy this place.
  5. haks

    Malik Johnson

    And really, these are just ones we “notice”. Because how many go unnoticed? Braxton Barnes hasn’t been with the team since early first semester if i am remembering correctly. I’m not sure if there have been any others this year.
  6. haks

    Malik Johnson

    I think Instagram is where my kiddo saw it. It was kind of weird though, kind of quiet, no one said anything really. It was a week or two ago.
  7. That's true, because Eierman is still on there too. So updating is not their priority.
  8. Is Malik at MIZZOU? I thought I heard he was not going to be enrolled 2nd semester. But no confirmation that this person was correct. They also said that they were told Winston was going to ASU once he was in the portal.
  9. I could have swore I saw him listed on the bracket as well. I thought both he and Saunders were at the otc for first semester. Rocky came back at thanksgiving to start getting in his practices and competed at kci. Saunders competed this weekend at the granite city tournament.
  10. I read elsewhere that Winston was interested in ISU.
  11. Unless something changed, I believe Andrew Godier from Francis Howell Central is also going to Central Methodist
  12. haks

    J'den at Final X

  13. haks

    J'den at Final X

    We spoke with J’den earlier in the day - before the sessions started. He was, as always, such a polite and well spoken young man to talk to. Very humble and genuine person. Was in the practice room, just going through his process, getting prepared. We also saw Bo later, during the first session, walking through the stands, taking photographs with people and just moving along. J’den look great and we were happy to see him dominate both matches. Now to keep it going!
  14. Thanks northco! As someone who keeps up with the ones I know, it’s nice to see it laid out like that for the weights I am not as familiar with.
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