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    It was awesome Josh and Jayden helping each other scout there opponents. Wish Josh could of held up against Pletcher in the semis could of had an all Missour final btw Josh and Jayden MIZZOU team treated us like teammates! The support for Joshua by MIZZOU team was awesome.
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    Since there's no freestyle or national wrestling category, I guess this is the best place to post this. I figured that J'den would beat Bo Nickal but not so handily. Bo couldn't get anything started with J'den offensively. It was a great showing for J'den! He's so much fun to watch and listen to when he's interviewed. He's making Missouri very proud!
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    Congratulations to Jaydin Eierman for taking 1st and becoming the newest world team member from Missouri! That makes 2 world team members from Eierman Elite!
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    Congratulations Jaydin. Also to Conner Flynn for his 3rd. The cadets were loaded with Missouri kids from all across the state. Hawks, Penner, Zerban, Elam all placed. Henson, Travis also don't know how they finished. Saunders took 3rd in U23. Missouri looking tough. Mike must be doing a lot of traveling.
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    Was named a volunteer assistant coach coach at Mizzou! Welcome back big fella. Took over the position held by Waters. Any word on where/what his next move is?
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    For double AA in Akron! People asked, Vinny answered! Good work Kid!
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    I don't fault a kid or there parents for wanting to go to a private school any more than I would fault a kid who wanted to go to a particular public school, so his parents move.
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    Precision by J'Den. https://youtu.be/oYrSZYKhkoM Love this team, go USA!!
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    He makes a lot of his time available for the sport of wrestling. Between all the interviews, going to little league state, high school state, etc. We're very lucky to have him as an ambassador of the sport!
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    We spoke with J’den earlier in the day - before the sessions started. He was, as always, such a polite and well spoken young man to talk to. Very humble and genuine person. Was in the practice room, just going through his process, getting prepared. We also saw Bo later, during the first session, walking through the stands, taking photographs with people and just moving along. J’den look great and we were happy to see him dominate both matches. Now to keep it going!
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    Future is looking bright. Hopefully Mizzou can get some more of these young guys!
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    Unless something changed, I believe Andrew Godier from Francis Howell Central is also going to Central Methodist
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    http://www.ozarkssportszone.com/2019/06/12/changes-coming-to-the-way-mshsaa-determines-classifications/ I read it here. I think the director that has wrestling for mshsaa is probably a better source, though.
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    Div II McKendree - Cory Peterson, DeSmet McKendree - Blake Hopson, Park Hill Central Missouri - Clay Wilson, Marshfield Drury - Teddy Hickey, Ft. Zumwalt North Ft. Hays State - Clint Herrick, Ray-Pec Lake Erie- Christian Zeik, Liberty Lindenwood - Ben Bohr, St. Charles Lindenwood - Zac Russell, Whitfield Div III Coast Guard Academy - Dylan Looney, Fox Fontbonne - Joe Johnson, Fox NAIA Lindenwood-Belleville - Jordon Sanders, Hillsboro Lindenwood-Belleville - Jaden Worthington, Grain Valley Lindenwood-Belleville - Ben Lindley, Ft. Zumwalt South Cowley- Otis Peeler, Raytown South (Iowa Western) Embry Riddle- Dawson Javier, Lindbergh Briar Cliff - Daniel Albrecht, Waynesville Baker - Austin Kovlek, Liberty Central Methodist - Corey Wait, Francis Howell Central Central Methodist - Cody Imbierowicz, St. Charles
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    They work so hard and sacrisfice so much. Great kids not just wrestlers. Definately bright futures in wrestling and beyond
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    Awesome! Great job by all 3! Bright future for them for sure!
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    Josh, Zerban and Henson where all in different brackets. Joshua 65 kg - U23s FT & GC 3rd/4th Zerban 65 kg - Cadet FT & GC 3rd/3rd Henson 60kg - Cadets FT - Battled hard lost to Fargo Champ by point.
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    They aren't breaking any rules to go there.
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    Joey is going to play baseball and wrestle at Fontbonne. He was the Conference player of the year in baseball, was an all conference lineman on both sides of the ball, and was a two time medalist and four time qualifier at 285. He was a great athlete for us here at Fox.
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    I read a little about it online yesterday but it looks like it is being suggested that we need to reduce the number of weight classes by 2 to help reduce forfeits. I'm not a fan of this at all, especially with the lightest boys weight being 118 lbs. I've seen several kids that couldn't wrestle their 1st and/or 2nd year of high school because they weren't heavy enough to wrestle 106 lbs. If the starting weight is 118 lbs, they probably wouldn't have been able to wrestle in high school at all.
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    Malcom Crosdale, definitely. JV as a Junior. State Champ (defeated defending state champ in the finals) as a senior.
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    Watson took 2nd to Barker in 2000. I don't think many of the above qualify. The criteria mentioned was best first year or 2nd year of wrestling. Not best wrestlers who had no youth wrestling. For example, I specifically mentioned Buchanan's 2nd year of wrestling where he took 2nd at State, not his 3rd and 4th years of wrestling where he took 3rd and 1st.
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    My bet is Hawks will sign with MU... not sure on Penner (prodigy of Oak Park and somehow they got the notion Oklahoma was a better place?) but if we sign them both that would be some great depth.