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    • Great showing for the Tigers at Juniors and U23s. I found a couple weight classes that our guys went interesting:   - Connor Brown went 57kg. You've got to think this means he's going 125 for the college season, why else cut down that much. - O'Toole went 70kg. This means he's not bulking up for 165 and likely going 157. Does he beat Jacques out for that spot? I think that between O'Toole and Jacques, whoever doesn't end up going 157 will claim the 165 spot. Jacques seems like he could be a good sized 165 as well. I just have a hard time believing a recruit as good as O'Toole will not be in the lineup this year, especially when it's a freebie in terms of NCAA eligibility. With that said, our lineup could look like: 125- Connor Brown 133- Matt Schmitt 141- Josh Edmond/ Allan Hart (Edmond's performance at Juniors makes me feel like he could be the frontrunner) 149- Brock Mauller 157- Keegan O'Toole 165- Jarrett Jacques 174- Jeremiah Kent 184- Canten Marriott 197- Wyatt Koelling/ Rocky Elam/ Jake Raschka 285- Zach Elam  
    • My guess would be: 125 Brown 133 Schmitt  141 Hart 149 Mauller  157 Jacques 165 Mocco 174 Kent 184 Marriott 197 Koelling 285 Elam  
    • Sad to see Leeth go, but congrats to him on a great wrestling career. With that in mind, along with this year basically being a freebie in terms of eligibility (no need to redshirt), what does our lineup look like? I'm guessing:   125- Connor Brown/ Cam Valdiviez 133- Connor Brown/ Matt Schmitt 141- Matt Schmitt/ Allan Hart/ Josh Edmond (is Edmond at the level to challenge at this point in time?) 149- Brock Mauller 157- Jarrett Jacques 165- Keegan O'Toole/ Peyton Mocco 174- Jeremiah Kent 184- Canten Marriott 197- Wyatt Koelling/ Rocky Elam/ Jake Raschka 285- Zach Elam
    • I'm not on Twitter but I was told Leeth posted on there a couple weeks ago that his wrestling career is over.
    • Bentonville West High School is hosting a girls tournament on Friday, Jan. 15 and a boys tournament on Saturday, Jan. 16. The Arkansas Activities Association recently gave us guidelines on tournaments. We are only allowed to have 8 teams or a maximum of 114 participants. I currently have 6 Arkansas teams committed. These are some of the top teams in the state. I would like to get 2 out-of-state teams in our tournament. If you're interested in coming over, please let me know.   With the new guidelines, I lost almost all of my tournaments for the season. I still have 4 open weekends. If you are hosting or interested in hosting any tournaments, tris, or quads, on these weekends, please let me know. Varsity, JV, or girls doesn't matter. Keep in mind we can only participate if there are fewer than 114 wrestlers, so it would have to be a small event.    Dec. 4-5 Jan. 8-9 Jan 22-23 Jan 29-30 Aaron Wise Head Wrestling Coach - Bentonville West High School (479) 640-0169 awise@bentonvillek12.org
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