Class 2 #1 Odessa Boys Dominate Oak Grove, while Odessa Girls clutch it out 42-39

Monday night in Oak Grove, Missouri consisted of duals between Oak Grove HS and Odessa HS boys and girl’s teams. Odessa finished the night 2-0 with the ladies winning a close one 42 – 39 and the boys winning 76-6! 

Below is a boy’s recap of the exciting duel between  

Odessa HS v. Oak Grove HS: 

106 – Wyatt Ford gets a forfeit by for Odessa. 

113 – Landon Scarborough (Odessa) starts the match with a big double leg on Dustin Lor (Oak Grove) that ends up, getting him a technical violation and forfeiting a point to start. Scarborough is unfazed and gets two quick takedowns afterwards and puts his opponent to his back with a double chicken wing to end the first period. In the second period, Lor goes down to start and gives up double chicken wings again this time Odessa picks up the fall. 120 – 126: Oak Grove forfeits and the dual score is 24-0, Odessa. 

132 – Kamden Hooper of Odessa hits a fancy throw on Mickey Seymour (Oak Grove) to score his first takedown straight into a tilt to go up 4-0. Kamden collects a bunch of back points and ends the first period 8 to 0. In the second, Kamden gets more back points and ends the match 16 to 0, winning by technical fall. 

138 – Caiden Davison (Odessa) scores the first takedown of this bout, then joins the chicken wing party by pending his opponent, Cameron Chisholm (Oak Grove) in one minute. 144 – Gabe Studdard (Odessa) gets the forfeit. 

150 – Lake Waters of Odessa scores the first takedowns on Jackson Miller (Oak Grove) in this match with a nice go behind and another by doing a flashy…

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Written by T. Carter

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