Class 1 Girls State Recap

The battle for first place came down to a razor thin margin in the Class 1 girls state tournament.

In the end, Kearney won the team state title for the second year in a row, edging Brookfield 80-79 Thursday at Mizzou Arena during the Missouri State High School Wrestling Championships.

Odessa finished in third with 71 and Oak Grove took fourth with 65.5 points.

Kearney managed to win it with just one state champion and two other who were runner ups.

Below is a breakdown of the championship matches of each weight bracket and a list of the state medalists:

100: Festus junior Mya Hairston won her first state championship after getting sixth as a freshman and fourth as a sophomore. He took care of business early, pinning Ellie Douglass of Sikeston in 2:18.

State medalists:

  • 1st Place – Mya Hairston of Festus
  • 2nd Place – Ellie Douglass of Sikeston
  • 3rd Place – J Colbert of Center
  • 4th Place – Mckenzy Mason of Marshall
  • 5th Place – Cecile Puati of St. Charles
  • 6th Place – Aubrey Schrunk of Lathrop

105: Kearney junior Bailey Martin had to cut weight to be able to compete in the 105-pound weight class. She did just that and it paid off as she pinned Holden sophomore Haley Brooks in 1:35 to take first place.

“I moved from 115 to 105 so I kind of had my hopes up,” Martin said.

State medalists:

  • 1st Place – Bailey Martin of Kearney
  • 2nd Place – Haley Brooks of Holden
  • 3rd Place – Aleah Conard of El Dorado Springs
  • 4th Place – Lillian McCleary of Lone Jack
  • 5th Place – Candace Calvert of Hallsville
  • 6th Place – Janessa Avila of St. Clair

110: Brookfield sophomore Jayden Keller looks to be well on her way to being a four-time state champion. She is now halfway there as she dominated in her match against Kearney sophomore Riley Walker, getting a pin in 51 seconds.

“It was definitely one of the fastest (pins she had this season),” Keller said. “My strategy was just to get to my stuff no matter what happened. I wasn’t really looking for a pin in the first period.”

State medalists:

  • 1st Place – Jayden Keller of Brookfield
  • 2nd Place – Riley Walker of Kearney
  • 3rd Place – Sydnee Baldwin of Nevada
  • 4th Place – Cheyenne Kincade of DeSoto
  • 5th Place – Adasyn Yoder of Holden
  • 6th Place – Mallori Edwards of Eldon

115: Savannah sophomore Jade Brundige won her second straight state championship and she did so in dramatic fashion by getting the match-winning near fall late in the third period to take a 6-4 decision.

“I was just trying to stay in a good position the whole match,” Brundige said. “When I saw the opportunity, I just went for it.”

State medalists:

  • 1st Place – Jade Brundige of Savannah
  • 2nd Place – Delanie Smith of Mid-Buchanan
  • 3rd Place – Audrionnah Donahue of Boonville
  • 4th Place – Addison Eddleman of Odessa
  • 5th Place – Nova Porter of Southern Boone
  • 6th Place – Macey Greene of Holden

120: Southern Boone senior Callie Bergthold had a stiff challenge ahead of her to earn her second state championship. She faced off against two-time state champion Cassidy Benwell of Holt and she came away with a 3-2 victory. For Bergthold, it was all about having the right mindset going into the match.

“I just stayed composed and I thought that my bottom work was pretty good,” Bergthold said. “I just knew I had to stay focused and go to work.”

State medalists:

  • 1st Place – Callie Bergthold of Southern Boone
  • 2nd Place – Cassidy Benwell of Holt
  • 3rd Place – Jordan Diercks of Lathrop
  • 4th Place – Dalayna Hargis of South Callaway
  • 5th Place – Louzella Graham of Seneca
  • 6th Place – Kyndal Brown of Westminster Christian Academy

125: Chilicothe junior Yoo Lee got her first state championship after finishing as a runner up last season. She used a double chicken wing to pin Fulton junior Emmy Begemann in 4:37 to earn her spot at the top of the podium.

State medalists:

  • 1st Place – Yoo Lee of Chillicothe
  • 2nd Place – Emmy Begemann of Fulton
  • 3rd Place – Elizabeth Riggs of Wright City
  • 4th Place – Addison Geiler of Ste. Genevieve
  • 5th Place – Zoe Fisher of Pacific
  • 6th Place – Alivia Bottoms of Boonville

130: The state championship win was an emotional one for Odessa sophomore Emily Bischoff. She earned an 8-1 win over Smithville senior Noellie Parrott 6-1 to get her first state championship.

“I was crying for 10 minutes straight and I was just hugging everyone,” Bischoff said. “It felt amazing. I am the first girl from Odessa to win the state championship.”

State medalists:

  • 1st Place – Emily Bischoff of Odessa
  • 2nd Place – Noellie Parrott of Smithville
  • 3rd Place – Kylie Miller of Knob Noster
  • 4th Place – Jossie Hopkins of St. Clair
  • 5th Place – Skyla Schroeder of Fatima
  • 6th Place – Brookelynn Meeks of Blair Oaks

135: Cassville senior Faith James remembers dreaming about winning a state championship back when she was just in middle school. Fast forward a few years later, that dream came true. She pinned Oak Grove junior Lauren Phillips in 2:12 to win the state title.

“It feels great. I have been working for this my whole wrestling career,” James said. “I remember being in seventh grade and thinking one day I was going to be a state champ.”

State medalists:

  • 1st Place – Faith James of Cassville
  • 2nd Place – Lauren Phillips of Oak Grove
  • 3rd Place – Mireya Gonzalez of Lexington
  • 4th Place – Zafaran Satterfield of Southern Boone
  • 5th Place – Audrey Declue of St. Clair
  • 6th Place – Trinity Butler of Festus

140: Sullivan junior Dorie Richardson got a clutch takedown with just 21 seconds left as she edged Brookfield junior Riley Howell, 4-2

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Written by Michael Smith

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