Cheerleader, track & field athlete, national champion wrestler: Jaycee Foeller

“the nation should be on the lookout for Jaycee Foeller, but that would be selling things short….the world needs to be on the lookout!”

November 7, 2018

Jaycee Foeller was born and raised in De Soto, Missouri to J and Amber Foeller. Jaycee started wrestling after she was approached and encouraged by one of her brothers coaches, Dave Willis.

“Coach Willis asked me why I wasn’t on the mat. I told him because I’m a cheerleader.”

That one comment sparked a few family conversations, afterwards she decided to give wrestling a try.

According to Jaycee she started out of spite, “when my mom told my dad (about Coach Willis), he told me that I wouldn’t do it (wrestle), so to prove him wrong I wrestled that next practice and fell in love with the sport.”

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