Brooke-Lynn Rush

Brooke-Lynn Rush finished the 2017-2018 season ranked #12 in the country at 127 lbs. according to the National Wrestling Hall of Fame ranking released July 3rd, 2018.

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October 22, 2018

Brooke-Lynn was born in Kansas City, Missouri but has lived in St. Joseph her entire life. From a very young age she learned to compete through sport as she participated in basketball, softball, track, and soccer. According to Brooke-Lynn her parents “have always been there for her when it had to do with school, sports, and life. They always were telling me to be the best I can be in everything that I do, be positive, and leave my mark.” Indeed this young lady has left her mark on her high school head coach as according to Benton Cardinal Head Coach Brad Hubbard, “Brooke-Lynn has spent time over the last few seasons in an out of the varsity lineup. She competes routinely against boys and at a high level. She could have an immediate impact as someone to watch for this year around the state.”

So the story goes that Brooke-Lynn’s mother, Julie, approached her when she was four-years old about giving wrestling a try. Her mother was looking in the newspaper and saw an advertisement for wrestling and she wanted to gauge the interest of her daughter. According to Brooke-Lynn her father, Tom, was “not thrilled” when she started wrestling with the St. Joe Metro Youth Wrestling Club that fall. At first Brook-Lynn felt like she was treated a little differently, “Here I am this 50 lbs. little blonde headed girl with pigtails trying to compete with these boys.” Metro Head Coach Dennis Chellew and Brooke-Lynn’s parents told the coaches to treat her “like one of their own sons and to not be easy on her.”

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