Andrew Hicklin
Andrew Hicklin
Andrew Hicklin

My name is Andrew Hicklin and I am one of the assistant wrestling coaches at Park Hill School. I am grateful to have the opportunity to come back to the high school I graduated from and continue the rich tradition of wrestling from a school that has given me such a strong platform to develop the insurmountable amount of characteristics involved in each individual in the sport. I graduated from the University of Central Missouri with a B.S. in Exercise Science, Corporate Health & Fitness. From there, I started my career in the fitness industry with a company call 24 Hour Fitness where I started as a personal trainer. Once I was involved in fitness, I quickly realized that I need to further my education and I did so by attaining two additional certifications. One through the National Council of Strength and Fitness (NCSF) Certified Personal Trainer. The other through the National Exercise Sports Trainers Association (NESTA) Personal Fitness Trainer. I have conducted over 5000 personal training sessions and have hired and developed over 50+ successful personal trainers. I now serve as the Director of Field Operations for Title Boxing Club where I support franchisees in the successful operation of their business. I am looking forward to sharing insights with you all on nutrition, training programs, recovery, and more as it relates to wrestling. Team
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