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    Missouri AAU State Tournament

    To all wrestling fans:

    It is my pleasure to announce the this year’s MO AAU State Tournament will be held at the Chaifetz Arena. I would like to thank all who helped search for a new venue along with the Chaifetz team for making this possible. This tournament hosts both a high school and youth division on February 27, 2011

    The Chaifetz Arena is conveniently located in St. Louis’s historic Midtown district, just minutes from downtown, on the northwest corner of Compton Ave and Forest Park Parkway/ Market St. It is a 10,600 seat multi-purpose facility that opened its doors in April 2008, and is home to Saint Louis University men’s and women’s basketball and women’s volleyball.

    With great viewing and ample seating, this year’s tournament will use a bull pen to distribute the bouts across 25 mat surfaces.
    This should be a wonderful and exciting experience for the kids…

    Please help me get the word out.
    Mike Kreh
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  2. Denise

    Denise Varsity Level

    Great job!!! Its great to see this event finally get out of a high and where it should be!!
  3. cementMixer

    cementMixer State Placer Level

    Is admission really free to watch?
  4. kahunna

    kahunna Varsity Level

    Wow this will be great!!!
  5. Shaungtp

    Shaungtp JV Level

    Sounds cool.

    Where will weigh-ins be held?

    Also the AAU website still shows the state tournament being held at the The Club in Chesterfield.
  6. Rhino

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    Just want to say great job to the people who went out and secured this facility. I think it will be a huge improvement to the tournament. And thank you for going to the bullpen system. That will mean no more crowds of little kids all over the edges of the mat. We are excited and I am sure the attendance will increase.

    The only downfall is that we won't be able to bring gatorades and snacks in for the kids and I am sure the concession prices will be outragous. Oh well, you have to take the bad with the good.

    The only question I have is that the website states that "prohibited items" include bags/backpacks. I would guess that they are not going to enforce that rule at this event?
  7. grapplemonster

    grapplemonster Varsity Level


    Bags will be fine as long as they get checked...this is a wrestling event and they know it!!
  8. lovekc

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    parking at Chaifetz

    A quick warning - I attended a high school graduation there, and parking was HIDEOUS!!! It wasn't long after a knee surgery for me, and I was not allowed to use my 'crippled chick' pass in their lot (yes, it's a permanent disabled pass - for some reason the people 'helping' to direct traffic would not let me access any of the available disabled spots in the lot next to the building) and we were forced to walk several blocks from a parking garage down the street. Hopefully the friendly chat I had with their event coordinator cleared up any questions he might have had regarding this matter - lol Good luck to all the kids wrestling & all the spectators trying to get there!
  9. rebsiot

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    Parking Map

    Chaifetz Parking Diagram

    I count at least 3,000 spaces within a 7 minute walk of the arena...of course, they claim 7 minutes is 2200 feet, or almost half a mile...

    So that's 3000 spaces for 10,600 capacity! No Problem, assuming all lots are empty to start with, there's no employees working, and only people sitting in seats are allowed to park, and there's an average of over 3 people per car :)

    ok...parking will better than it would have been and the arena will be in a real arena. so...

    Thank you for securing it.
  10. DoubleD

    DoubleD Varsity Level

    There are 1268 entries listed on the website. So if each wrestler and their family drives together that's 1268 vehicles. Say that each of those wrestlers have grandparents or other family come to watch, or that mom and dad have to drive in two different vehicles, so let's double that and we're at 2536 vehicles. Add 64 vehicles for officials and tournament workers that don't have kids wrestling, and there will be 400 empty parking spots. I'm looking forward to the tournament! Thanks to everyone who is responsible for making it happen!

  11. lovekc

    lovekc State Placer Level


    Clarification - Hopefully the implication wasn't that I was criticising the coordination of this event, I was merely giving a warning to those who have special needs as far as limits in their mobility. On their own website, they direct the disabled to park in the Olive/Compton garage which I recall being quite a schlep in the condition I was in at the time. I recall having to go through an area with several baseball diamonds, and on the map I see that it is on the other side of the Billikin Sports Complex. The event that I attended was a high school graduation with ticket limits enforced, and the garage was nearly full so I assume that the garages are multi-purpose. Good luck to all the wrestlers this weekend!
  12. rebsiot

    rebsiot JV Level

    yikes! I just reread my post...It looks like it came out all wrong....You right about the math...and 10 minutes is not a long walk, I walk longer across my work parking lot sometimes....text comes out badly sometimes.

    The thank You was for securing the facility! Parking will take care of itself, but to go from the Chesterfield location to an actual arena is awesome and I cannot even imagine how much work it took to do that.

    Thanks again, this time hopefully the context will be a little clearer...
  13. DoubleD

    DoubleD Varsity Level

    No need to apologize. I didn't think either of your posts were negative. Maybe I should apologize if my post made others misinterpret your posts. :)

    I personally wouldn't mind if parking is an issue if it means that we've got 10,000+ wrestling fans out there supporting our kids doing what they love. I'll keep my fingers crossed!

    I do know for a fact that having the event in the arena will get at least two more people in the stands. My wife would've never even thought about bringing our 2 month old to the high school, but the two of them are planning to be at the arena cheering our team on.

    Good luck on Sunday!
  14. +Barbwire+

    +Barbwire+ JV Level


    Are we still looking to have brackets posted tonight? What site will they be on if so?
  15. fudge tunnel

    fudge tunnel National Champ Level're back. Where have you been? Vacationing with MG Grievous & Denmom?
  16. dkbscm

    dkbscm Guest


    I thought I read where they were being posted at 10pm on Wednesday? I can no longer find that however and it did seem a little optimistic to me. Normally it's Thursday evening before they are posted. Does anyone know when we might see them?
  17. champ201

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    Would like to see some brackets. Heard that they may not be posted to get more bracket books sold. I'm buying a bracket book regardless, but am interested in seeing brackets sooner.
  18. dkbscm

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    Brackets Posted

    Well the brackets are posted, it would really be nice if you could actually read it, unless it's my computer. Even nicer if it let you print it. Didn't have this problem with Ozark or Mo. challenge brackets...

    Never mind, I just saved it as an image to my desktop and everything's good!
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  19. Groundhog1

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    Keep em Coming Mixer!!!

    Can't read Novice Blue 108. Thanks for posting.
  20. luvmywrestler

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    Can you please post schoolboy blue? Thanks!!!!!

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