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  1. Life is.....

    Life is..... Varsity Level

    Congrats Glen, I have enjoyed working with you every day in the wrestling room!

    You worked your butt off every day, and you deserve to be the Class 3 189lb STATE CHAMPION!!!!!

    I am very proud of you! I can't wait to start working again for next year!

    Much Love, Coach Wisdom
  2. ripped 184

    ripped 184 JV Level

    congrats on a great year!
    From the Benson family
  3. Warren Haynes

    Warren Haynes State Champ Level

    One of the coolest things i saw at the State tournament happened with Glendal Whitney. I was on the floor doing the mshsaa online broadcast, and just before he took the medal stand the announcer said, "and your State Champion Glendal Whitney of Belton." Glendal made the most unforgettable face and exhaled a bit. It was as if he didn't believe that he had won a State title until that very moment. It was very cool to see. Congrats Glendal and good luck in the future. (BTW, I wrestled for Lorenzo Rizzi, formerly Larry, at Fox so I always pull a bit for the Belton guys.)
  4. CentalGuy

    CentalGuy JV Level

    Congrats to GLEN WHITNEY! Well deserved! All your hard work has paid off.
    We have enjoyed watching you wrestle this year. I am sure your family, friends and coaching staff are very proud of you.

    Your Centralia Fans!
  5. Civey149

    Civey149 State Qualifier Level

    Nice work Glen. You worked your tail off and you deserve it. Now, "you only have 1 year"

    Coach Ivey
  6. One-eyed-tiger

    One-eyed-tiger JV Level

    Awesome performance this year Glen! For a 189lber that only weighs about 178lbs...sounds like you are the one that is on a different level than everyone else!
  7. Jdonovan

    Jdonovan Varsity Level

    Congrats Glen! Wish I could have made it down! You always work your tail off in the room and it paid off!

    Jeff Donovan
  8. Civey149

    Civey149 State Qualifier Level

    Just thought I would share this with everyone. Glendal won his 100th match of his career in the finals. Talk about making it special! Nice work Glen.
  9. Head and Arm

    Head and Arm State Placer Level

    Is he only a Junior?
  10. mowrestlingfan05

    mowrestlingfan05 State Qualifier Level

    I believe so.
  11. mrball08

    mrball08 JV Level

    Congrats Glen! I enjoyed working with you while at Belton and wish I had three of you on my wrestling team! You always worked your butt off in the room and allowed yourself to be coached in every aspect of wrestling. I look forward to watching you repeat next year.

    Coach Ball

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