Discussion in 'Class 2' started by Bobbe Lowe, Apr 20, 2012.

  1. Bobbe Lowe

    Bobbe Lowe JV Level

    Congratulations to Chase Wrisinger for signing his letter of intent to wrestle for Truman State University. Good Luck to Chase and the rest of the Truman State Wrestling Program.

    Bobbe Lowe
    Oak Grove High School
  2. JBaker

    JBaker State Qualifier Level

    Awesome! Congratz Chase!
  3. jgreim

    jgreim Varsity Level

    He will be joined by Cooper Gardner (Excelsior Springs) at Truman State.
  4. Kilo 1

    Kilo 1 Varsity Level

    Purple and White, Fight, Fight, Fight!

    (On second thought-- Make it "Wrestle, Wrestle, Wrestle!" Wouldn't want to get DQ'ed.)

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